Nachos Grande Breaker's Club #3: SIGN UP NOW!!

Nachos Grande Breaker's Club #3

I'm back with the next edition of Breaker's Club!  This edition will feature a nice mix of brand new boxes as well as some older boxes (scroll down for full details).

How it works:

You'll pay one price (which depends on the team) and claim one team of your choice (from the list of unclaimed teams, first-come, first-served). You will then get all of the cards of your team from all of the boxes (and bonus packs) that we break as part of the Breakers Club. Cards will be added to your stack (or a new stack will be started for you if you don't have one currently).

What you'll get:

The third Breakers Club will contain at least 9 different boxes but the goal is to bump that number up to at least 10-12 (or more!) different boxes if I can sell enough slots. The list of included boxes is near the bottom of this post. I will continue to update the list as more team slots sell! I will also include bonus packs for each night of box breaking! I aim to include a fun mix of boxes for everyone.

As stated above, this will work like a standard group break in that you'll get all the cards of the team(s) you claim. Cards featuring multiple teams will be randomized between all featured teams ("valuable" multi-team cards will be randomized on video, regular base cards will not be randomized on video).

Benefits for you:

Cost savings. Pay one price, one time only and then sit back and enjoy a string of box breaks without the need to race to get your team. Also, each team slot you buy will net you another entry into my next free player break giveaway (that is, you get one entry for each night we do Breaker's Club box breaks).

Benefits for me:

I only have to deal with payments one time for a bunch of boxes rather than a ton of smaller payments. I will also be able to budget better knowing how many people are already signed up for boxes. Much less record keeping on a weekly basis for me as well!

Other questions and answers:

Q: Will unclaimed teams be available for purchase for each of the individual boxes?

A: No. If you want a team, buy it now!

Q: Will I still be hosting other "regular" box breaks?

A: Yes, I will! I held a couple of regular box breaks during the first Breaker's Club time and I hope to do something similar this time around as well.

Q: How will boxes be chosen?

A: By me, though I'm also interested in any ideas you have! The price of the boxes will be directly tied to how many team slots I am able to sell. So, tell your friends to join so we can all get better/more boxes!

Q: When will breaking begin? When is payment due?

A: I would like to begin Breaker's Club #3 around mid-May if possible. Specifically, I plan to keep my Tuesday night breaking schedule so I'd like to schedule the first box(es) for March 18 around 8:30/9:00 PM EST. Payment should be completed prior by Saturday, May 15 so that I can get everything nice and orderly for the Breakers Club.

Q: How can I watch the breaks?

A: I will steam live to my YouTube Channel. A link will be posted on the Facebook group break page (or you can simply bookmark/favorite my YouTube Channel).

Q: Can I buy more than one team slot?

A: Yes. There is no limit to the number of teams you can buy.

Q: What boxes are guaranteed to be included?

A: Note: I'll keep updating this list as slots sell. All boxes are in hand unless otherwise noted.  So far, we have:

  • 2021 Panini Diamond Kings
  • 2021 Topps Big League (preordered)
  • 2021 Topps Big League Collector (preordered)
  • 2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Mega box (ordered, not yet in hand)
  • 2020 Topps Heritage High Numbers (hobby, ordered not yet in hand)
  • 2005 Donruss Team Heroes
  • 2004 Donruss Classics
  • 2003 Donruss Studio
  • 2002 Leaf Certified (hobby)
  • 2000 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory
  • 1999 Pacific Invincible (retail)
  • 1998 Pacific Online (hobby)

2021 Nachos Grande Breakers Club #03 

Note:  Cost for each team is listed below.  Sign-ups are first-come, first-served (using time stamps if necessary, especially since sign-ups are cross-listed on my Facebook group break page).  

  • 💲✔️Arizona Diamondbacks - Jordan Schmidt
  • 💲✔️Atlanta Braves  - Daniel MacBeth
  • $90 - Baltimore Orioles - 
  • 💲✔️Boston Red Sox  - Shane Salmonson
  • $90 - Chicago Cubs - 
  • $90 - Chicago White Sox - 
  • 💲✔️Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande
  • 💲✔️Cleveland Indians - Marcus Scott
  • 💲✔️Colorado Rockies - Adam Kaningher
  • 💲✔️Detroit Tigers - Ben Morris
  • $90 - Houston Astros - 
  • 💲✔️Kansas City Royals - Adam Kaningher
  • 💲✔️Los Angeles Angels - Jason Williams  (jackal726)
  • 💲✔️Los Angeles Dodgers - Greg Gay
  • 💲✔️Miami Marlins - Ben Morris
  • 💲✔️Milwaukee Brewers - Ben Soman
  • 💲✔️Minnesota Twins - Michael Price (Iowa State Bison)
  • 💲✔️New York Mets - Brett Alan
  • 💲✔️New York Yankees - Jordan Schmidt
  • $65 - Oakland Athletics - 
  • 💲✔️Philadelphia Phillies - Dave Peterson
  • 💲✔️Pittsburgh Pirates - Wade Fisher
  • 💲✔️San Diego Padres - Jason Williams  (jackal726)
  • 💲✔️San Francisco Giants - Fred Pike
  • 💲✔️Seattle Mariners - Zachary Gibbs
  • 💲✔️St. Louis Cardinals - Kerry Biggs
  • 💲✔️Tampa Bay Rays - hiflew
  • 💲✔️Texas Rangers - Ben Morris
  • $90 - Toronto Blue Jays - 
  • 💲✔️Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Jason Williams (jackal726)

1. Please leave a comment below with the team(s) you are claiming.

2. Send PayPal payment (as goods & services) to: fanofreds (dot) auctions (at) gmail (dot) com (the same email that is in my profile).

3. ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CURRENT STACK OF GROUP BREAK CARDS, please email me the following information:

  • Your user name
  • The team(s) you claimed
  • The email address you used to send payment


  1. I'm in for the Mets again. Payment sent.

  2. Will you mail to Canada?

    1. Yep, shipping is determined whenever you ask for your stack to be shipped (oftentimes people join in multiple breaks and have me hold their cards for awhile so as to only pay one shipping cost but however you want to do it is fine by me). You'll pay exact shipping at that point in time (plus the cost of the envelope/box if applicable).

    2. I will take the SF Giants. After I Publish this reply I will send the $100.00 Thanks.

    3. Great! All yours! Shoot me an email with your mailing address when you get the chance (my email is fanofreds (dot) auctions (at gmail dot com).

    4. My email is

    5. Hi. I would like the twins if still available please

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Payment sent, hopefully

  3. I'll take at Atlanta please.

  4. I'll take Nats/Expos, payment just sent, e-mail incoming. Thanks!

  5. I'm in for the Rockies

  6. It sounds strange, but I'll take the Rays for $25. Good potential value.


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