Selling on eBay (Take a Look?)

I've finally gotten around to listing some items up on eBay again.  I've been working hard trying to get my collection reorganized - and part of that reorganization has uncovered some stuff that I've decided to put up for sale on eBay.

As I said, I have a few things up for sale but I thought I'd show off a couple of the highlights here in the hopes that I might find a taker!

2005 Upper Deck Classics - Complete base set (1-100) plus 9 short prints (link)  

I like the '05 Upper Deck Classics set a lot - it's chock full of great players from throughout MLB's history but I simply don't have room to keep every single set that I've ever started collecting.  This one has the full base set plus a handful of the short prints.  I probably could sell this for a lot more if I split it up into single card lots but honestly, I don't have the time (nor the ambition) to do so.  My laziness can be your gain!

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter - (almost) Complete set w/ all Short Prints (link)  

This is an "extra" set of 2015 Allen & Ginter cards that I managed to hand collate.  All 50 short prints are included - the only missing card is a common base card (#102, James "Clubber" Lang).  I've been holding on to this set for quite some time but now I need to free up the space (the set contains the Kris Bryant rookie card among other goodies)!  

I certainly hope to get some more stuff posted to eBay in the not-so-distant future but for now I'll be happy if I can clear out a couple of large piles of cards that I've had sitting around!