Announcing: Blog of the Year VOTING!

I've decided to do an End-of-the-Year Awards show using the results of a blogosphere vote!  However, before I can open up the ballot, I'd love to get some input on various category ideas.  

The ballot is going to have two sections, a section for baseball card awards and a section for blog awards. People can cast votes for both sections (or a portion of each section if they prefer).  

Here's where you come in - do you have some interesting ideas for awards?  Let me know either via comments below or email (if you prefer).  I plan to use some of those ideas coupled with the ten or so categories that I already have ready to go to make the final voting ballot.

Voting is scheduled to begin on Thursday, December 2 so get those ideas to me in the next couple of days!


  1. I like this idea!


    Best Series. I'm thinking something like Dime Box Nick's "Short-Term Stops" or Shoebox Legends' "Buyback Frankenset"--those are not from this year and wouldn't be eligible, but just to give an idea.

    Best Contest, maybe.

    Most Original Insert Set (in addition to Best Insert Set, which may not be the same thing).

    Something like the best and worst news story in the hobby or best and worst decision by a company.

    I would suggest that we have some forum to suggest nominees before voting begins. It would remind a lot of people of things they forgot and hopefully turn some people on to blogs they haven't been reading.

    That's a start; I'll think about it some more and see if I come up with others.

  2. I like Brett's idea for "Best Series". As for cards, you could do the typical stuff you might see in Beckett like 2021's "Best Design", "Coolest Insert", "Hottest Player", etc.

  3. Best of Blog- It should be "Save Second" for Collecting Cutch.

    Best Featured (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
    Best Blog-Around

    Look forward to voting.

  4. I'm not a fan of ranking any one blog over another, and know very little about this year's releases, so I might have to sit this one out.

    1. That's perfectly fair! This is meant to be fun only! I'd encourage you to look at the ballot once it's released (later this week) and then vote for anything you feel comfortable weighing in on. It's all in good fun! :)

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