I decided to that we need to have some more cheer as we wrap up what was yet another fairly dismal year (for so many reasons).  Therefore, I'm happy to announce my first-ever End-of-Year Awards.

This year, I'm keeping everything super happy - you get to vote on the best of the best only!  Categories include:

For baseball cards:
  • Best Topps set
  • Best Bowman set
  • Best Panini set
  • Best On Demand/Concept 
  • Baseball card of the year
For blogging:
  • Favorite blogs to read
  • Funniest/most entertaining blog
  • Favorite blog series
  • Favorite "under the radar" blog
  • Best blog post of the year
  • Blog of the year
I hope that all of these awards will make for a fun celebration at the end of the year!  I plan to keep the ballot open for about two weeks so feel free to advertise (and even self-promote if you wish) the awards!  To cast your ballot, go here


  1. What the heck, I'm shameless: Vote Diamond Jesters!

  2. This is great! I tweeted it out, but I don't want to promote voting for me. I would rather honestly hear if others enjoy my content on Cards Over Coffee or Sport Card Collectors then try to fake it til I make it lol

    I put my votes in as well.


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