Barry Larkin Collection 852: 1991 Fleer - #68 - Jumbo Pack variation

Barry Larkin
Year:  1991
Brand:  Fleer
Card number:  68 (Jumbo pack variation)

Today's card is yet another variation from the early 90s - this time it's a Fleer Jumbo pack variation.  You can easily tell the difference between the Jumbo pack variation and Larkin's "regular" Fleer base card from 1991 by looking at the last line of text on the bio write-up.  The Jumbo pack version ends with "in 1988." while the "regular" base card ends with "in 1988...".  Yep, an ellipses versus a period, that's your difference between the two cards!  

Here's Barry's "regular" '91 Fleer card for comparison:

Other than that small change, these are identical cards - but that one little change is enough to count this as two different Larkin cards for my collection...a collection that's 852 cards and growing (the real number is up over 1200 now, I have a HUGE number of cards scanned that are simply waiting for me to post about)!