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Barry Larkin Collection 862: 1991 US Playing Cards #6 of Clubs - Silver

Barry Larkin
Brand:  US Playing Cards
Parallel:  Silver
Card number:  6 of clubs

It took me a long time to realize what was meant by the 1991 US Playing Cards "Silver" parallel.  Basically, you have to look at the thin edge of the card - if the card appears to be printed on a metallic silver card stock then you have the silver parallel, otherwise you have the "standard" version of the playing card.

As for the card itself, that sure is a rather sad looking photo of Barry, isn't it?  He looks so pensive (and also cold based on his turtleneck he's got on under that Reds jacket).  I do wonder where the photo was taken, I can't quite make out what's in the background behind Larkin but it doesn't look like a baseball stadium (a locker room, perhaps)?


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