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Flashback Friday: Can 2007 Fleer Ultra Crack the Frankenset?!

Happy Friday, everyone!  This is week two of teaching for the spring semester and I'll admit that I'm feeling quite burnt out already.  I've had large numbers of students in and out of quarantine (which means I have to teach both in-person and remotely simultaneously).  In my opinion, that's not great for anyone...and it's definitely tiring trying to get everyone up-to-speed since the first exam is next week! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I decided to go with a fun post for today - and, frankly, one that won't use up a lot of my remaining brain cells.  

Let's rip into a pack of 2007 Fleer Ultra - and to spice things up slightly, let's see if any of the cards we pull will make their way into my non-Reds Frankenset (at least cards numbered between 1 and 169 since that's all I have ready in my Frankenset so far).

The Fleer Ultra line is known for great photography and I already have a few Fleer Ultra cards in my Frankenset so it isn't much of a stretch to think I might find some new candidates today.  Let's see what happens!

2007 Fleer Ultra pack (retail) - 5 cards per pack:

30.  Alfonso Soriano

Kind of a dull card, almost no way this cracks my Frankenset though I guess it has a better chance because I decided to allow two cards for each number 1-99 into my Frankenset.  Who is slot 30 right now, you ask?

Sorry Alfonso, you aren't better than Maddux in an old school Braves uniform nor can you beat out an astronaut for a spot in the Frankenset.

42.  Aaron Harang

This is a Red (I fully figured I wouldn't pull a Red hence all of the talk of non-Reds Frankenset).  I did take a quick look at my Reds Frankenset and unfortunately I have a different Fleer Ultra card from the same set on the same page as where Harang would have slotted in.  I do like this card but I also put quite a bit of value on set variety within my Frankenset.  Sorry Harang!

105.  Johan Santana

Fairly standard shot here of "pitcher pitching" but maybe Johan can make it into the set based on his (once-upon-a-time) star power?


No.  The above card is one of the cooler Metal Universe cards (trust me, it's awesome even if scans like crap)!

191.  B.J. Ryan

So, Ryan's card number is above where I'm at on my Frankenset so he goes right into the "maybe" category (truthfully, this is a pretty boring card - both in terms of image and player - so I doubt this one will make the cut).

211.  Lee Gardner

Ooh, a surprise short print out of the pack!  Like the B.J. Ryan before it, I'm not up to the 200s yet in terms of my Frankenset so I can't make any decisions on this card at the moment.  That said, the background of this one is undeniable cool so it does have a chance to crack the Frankenset, I'll have to see what else I have for slot #211!