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Frankly, My Dear.

I'm back with another batch of cards for my non-Reds Frankenset.  This time around, I'm up to cards #160 - 169 so let's get right to it!

Card 160:

For whatever reason, #160 had the most choices in my giant pile of cards that I had set aside over the years for possible inclusion in my Frankenset.  In the end, it comes to down the Cliff Lee, the Clemens send-off, the Big Unit as a Giant (which I don't remember being a thing at all), or the Chris Young at the wall.  I think it comes down to me almost having to choose the Randy Johnson card since it's probably a fairly rare 

Card 161:

Now that I'm a father of a young son myself, cards depicting players with their children speak to me move than ever!  This is such a sweet photo and an awesome card (and probably an awesome memory for Mike's child)!

Card 162:

I've considered trying to build the 1993 Score Select set a number of times but each time I've talked myself out of it.  Now that I'm building the Frankenset, at least I can find a home for some of the cooler cards from that set - and this Palmeiro counts as a cooler card despite him writing "warm" on his bat!

Card 163:

Three solid options here but I have to go with the Damion Easley leaping double-play turn card as my representative for slot #163.

Card 164:

This slot was interesting because the three candidates that I had set aside all happened to be subset cards of sorts.  I do love the gaudy Opening Day logo on the A-Rod card but I had to give the nod here to Sammy Sosa and his 66 Hit Parade.

Card 165:

This card is obviously posed but I don't even care - what a glorious piece of cardboard featuring the "Future Star" George Lombard!

Card 166:

Another number with not a lot of great options, but truthfully, it's kind of hard to beat an Aaron Judge rookie card, right?

Card 167:

Play at the plate?  Yes, please.  This is the type of card that I love having in my Frankenset - welcome Mr. Kreuter.

Card 168:

How about an oversized All-Star Rookie trophy?  How about a guy that shares my last name?  That's good enough to get you in as card #168 in the set.

Card 169:

This particular set of ten numbers was definitely weaker than a lot of other sets of ten...I mean, this Kendall card is perfectly adequate but it's nothing special and yet it's by far the best option I had for this slot.

Well, that's another ten cards down...and a whole lot of scanning to boot!


  1. Looks like the bat says "warm up". Mike Cameron is one of my favorite Mariners ever. And I too do not remember Randy's stint with the Giants.

  2. Mackey Sasser is clearly the choice for #160. ;)

    The Mike Cameron card is particularly neat since it also depicts a super young Daz Cameron, who is currently in the majors himself.

  3. Yeah, that Cameron is fantastic. I didn't even know he had a son in the majors (I watch a lot of Mets games and read Mets blogs, you think it would be talked about), but that that adorable little guy is a future major leaguer really makes that a very special card.

  4. That Cameron card is very cool. I try to think of cards of guys with their kids on Father's Day, but they always slip my mind.

  5. Always enjoy seeing a Frankenset come together, but somehow I missed the earlier posts! Time to review the archives...


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