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I Guess I have to Start Working Again.

Today's Monday and while that's no news to most of you I'm guessing, it is a bit of news to me in that today is the first Monday of my new work semester.  That's right.  Classes begin today so it's back to the grindstone as they say.

Before I head off to work though, let's take a quick look at the TCDB trade packages that showed up this past week, shall we?

First up, from user DukeyDevil comes a Barry Larkin parallel from the 2003 Bazooka set.

That's a silver parallel which is printed on a much thicker card stock - basically think of these as deterrent cards for pack searchers as the silver parallels have the same thickness as a relic card might have.  Jokes on Topps though here as I actually wanted the silver Larkin card - probably more so than any of the relics in the set!  Unfortunately, as you can see from the above scan, the Larkin got rather squashed in the mail - the thickness of the card worked against it as it went through the mail sorters I'm afraid. 

Next up, lumpy1977:

That's seven more cards from the 1999 Pacific set that I needed.  I've been slowly plugging away at this set for quite some time but now, finally, the end is near!

My third package of the week was another PWE, this time from user engine614:

Yep, more 1999 Pacific!  Like I said, I'm nearing the end of this set - in fact, that Tony Gwynn card you see above was the final card I needed from the "head shot variations" set of cards.  Thus, I can officially add a second set to my "sets completed in 2022 list!"  That feels awesome, especially since we are now in the middle of January...the year's barely begun and I'm already making solid progress on my set needs.


  1. Somebody needs to learn how to package thicker cards better. Good luck with the new semester!

  2. I've had some weird luck on TCDB in the last week. Two people declined trades. I felt they were even, so not sure what's up. Hope it's an anomaly.

  3. I got today off for MLK day... and the first day of my second semester starts next Monday. Hope you have a great second semester.


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