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January Might Suck but this Week's TCDB Mailbag was Awesome!

We've made it to the final full week of January, that's good since I definitely don't care much for winter!  At least I've got TCDB trades to keep me warm (or something like that).  

Let's begin with a mailer from user wcu98grad:

My side of the trade was for just the 1998 Fleer Tradition card but wcu98grad also threw in two "bonus" Frank Thomas cards!  That's appreciated by me seeing as how I do have a small PC of the guy commonly called the "Big Hurt."  As for the '98 Tradition set, here's what I'm still looking for:

1998 Fleer Tradition Wants:
Base:  581, 586, 587, 590, 592, 595, 599

I'm thinking that this is one of the sets that I will focus on completing before 2022 is over!

Next up, from user AAARRT:
That's one of the best trade hauls that I've gotten in some time, at least as far as semi-rare mid-90s cards go!  Not one, but TWO different refractors from the 1997 Topps Finest set.  I've been working diligently on trying to get my entire Barry Larkin Collection uploaded onto the TCDB database (both my "haves" and my "wants").  I'm not done with that project yet, but getting the chance for trades like this makes all that work cataloguing stuff worthwhile!

Next, user abide hooks me up with another great Barry Larkin card:
That's a 2004 Leaf Limited card which happens to be serially numbered out of 749 on the back.  I'm always happy to land serially numbered Larkin cards - almost as much as Larkin refractors!

The next PWE to show up was from user Chamill68:
It might not be as sexy as some of the other cards I received this week but I'm still ecstatic to land another needed mini card from the 2021 Allen & Ginter set.  Like the 1998 Fleer Tradition set that I discussed at the top of the post, the 2021 A&G mini sets are other sets that I'm definitely going to try and finish off before this year is complete!

Overall, while we might be in the sucky month of January this week's worth of trades were anything but sucky!  


  1. I've got a ton of misc. Frank Thomas' if you'd like to expand that PC...

  2. I too am tired of the cold. Summer can not get here soon enough!


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