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The Non-Reds Frankenset: Cards 130 - 139

Over the past several years, I've kept a box that I've used to store cards I've set aside for possible inclusion in my non-Reds Frankenset.  It's been quite some time since I've made any progress on that set - so why not try and determine the next ten cards right now?  

Basically, my idea here is that I set aside any interesting cards (and, sometimes, if I'm being honest cards I didn't feel like properly putting away at the time).  Then, I sort the cards by card number and then choose the best card for each card number for my set.  I do try to keep a nice variety of players/teams/sets as well.

So, here are the candidates for inclusion in my non-Reds Frankenset:

Card 130:

We've got a bunch of good cards here including a Kyle Hendricks 1st Bowman card (in chrome no less), a Scooter Gennett (made history as a Red with four homers in one game), and an AJ Pollock card of him running through the smoke.  For me, the choice comes down to the Schilling card (playing with his kid), the Sheffield Topps Gallery card, or the Hendricks.  Normally, I'd give the nod to Schilling (just because I love the shot of him playing with his child) but in this case I think I may end up trying to build that Sports Illustrated set (and sets that I've completed aren't eligible to also have cards in my various Frankensets).  Therefore, the Kyle Hendricks card gets the nod here!

Card 131:

Fewer choices for card 131...Back when I set aside that Brandon Finnegan rookie I bet I was thinking that he'd be a pretty good player.  Unfortunately, after a bit of early success Finnegan didn't amount to much.  For me, I think I have to go with one of the two Mariners but it's the Edgar Martinez that's really speaking to me.  A nice action shot and a good counterbalance to the rather stoic posed shot from the previous card.

Card 132:

I love the train in the background of the Berkman shot (even it's a green screen image).  The Henderson Alvarez no-hitter celebration is also cool but I tend to dislike most horizontal cards in my binder.  Heck, even the Michael Taylor rookie is a nice shot.  Hard to believe with only three options that I struggled here but in the end I gave the nod to Berkman and the train.

Card 133:

Easy choice here to go with the Alex Rodriguez Summit card.  The other cards that I had set aside for card #133 were all fairly uninspiring.

Card 134:

Oooh, another tough round!  I love the Prism set so Edgar has to get some votes but the Cora and Pierzynski cards are also cool in their own ways.  Tack on the Jeff Kent (love the blue sky in the shot), the Vizquel laying down a bunt, and the Verlander All-Star card and I kind of think I can't go wrong with any of the choices!  That being said, I do have to decide and in the end I decided to go with the Cracker Jack card of Pierzynksi.  

Card 135:

Four awesome cards here - that A-Rod is a variation but it's ruled out since I'm collecting the 2000 Aurora set.  That leaves either Nomo, Jeter, or Kendall and I like all three cards quite a bit!  Here I'm going against what I said earlier and choosing the horizontal card - that Jeter is simply too nice to not include (star power does play a role in my card choices even if I'm not a big fan of Jeter or the Yankees)!

Card 136:

The weakest number of the bunch so far.  I ended up going with this bright yellow 1991 Fleer card of Sammy Sosa, mostly because all of the other options were even worse (if you can believe that)!

Card 137:

Another relatively weak number as far as choices go.  I do like this candid shot of Glenallen Hill so into the Frankenset it goes!

Card 138:

Oh man, after a couple of dud numbers we are back to a number with a ton of good options!  That Ortiz Upper Deck card is nice, as is the Jeter and that Skybox Metal card of A-Rod.  However, for me the winner has to be the Topps Total card of David Ross.  Love catchers in action and I always liked David Ross when he was a Red.

Card 139:

We've reached the last batch and once again we are left with a rather difficult choice.  I might have gone with the Josh Fogg card if I hadn't just selected a Topps Total card with my previous pick.  Instead, I'm going to give the nod to the combo card of Joe and Jake Mauer, pretty cool little card plus a lovely edition of Topps Heritage!

That does it for this round.  When will I get to cards 140 and up?  Who really knows but at least I knocked out ten more slots today!  I'm curious what you would have chosen for some of the number slots - if you follow my rules then the only would be you can't pick cards of your favorite team (I have a Reds Frankenset for that)!


  1. I came across that Joe & Jake Mauer card recently and thought it was pretty cool.


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