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Barry Larkin Collection 887: 1990 Star Nova - #101

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Star Nova
Card number:  101

The 1990 Star Nova set has several different Barry Larkin cards within it (cards #100 - 108 in the set plus a promo card that's even rarer than the 500 copies that exist for each of the regular Star Nova base cards).  

Each of the different Barry Larkin cards in the 1990 Star Nova set have a specific theme to them - this one, for example, is all about how Barry performed in All-Star games.  Of course, Barry was still super young in 1990 so he only had two All-Star game selections to date (and one of those, 1989, he didn't even get to play in).  The card back also details Barry's career transactions to date - most notably a pair of DL stints (one in '87 and the other in '89). 

Finally, it should be noted that the image used on the front of the card is a pretty nice one!  I like the Reds' batter in the background (my best guess is that it is Chris Sabo but I could easily be wrong).   I also think that the red-to-yellow fade works decently for a Reds card back in 1990 though I think the all-red borders of the Star Gold set do look a bit better for Reds cards (see here for Barry's All-Star stats card from the Star Gold set).

I was able to grab this card plus two other needed Star Nova Larkin cards from my recent COMC purchase so you can expect to see the other two Star Nova cards on the blog in the near future.  I'm still missing #103, #106, and the promo card from the 1990 Star Nova set so if by some chance you have any of those available for trade (or sale) please let me know!


  1. Whenever I see Star cards from this era, I'm always blown away by their production numbers. Only 500 of each card is SUPER RARE for being produced during the heart of the Junk Wax Era.


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