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COMC Time: Part 3 - The "Please, Don't Do Cocaine" Edition

I'm back with part 3 of my recent COMC purchase.  What other goodies did I manage to grab for myself?  Let's find out together right now!

Let's begin with a set that I was able to finally finish off - the 2009 Topps Heritage Then & Now (High Series) insert set:

The final two cards that I was missing are now all mine!  It only took me a few years past a decade to build the ten card set, but hey, better late than never!

Sticking with 2009 Heritage, I was also able to afford one of the many short prints that I am still missing from the set:

That's a rather dour looking Tommy Hanson card which is even sadder when you know about Hanson's life story (he died of complications of cocaine and alcohol toxicity back in 2015).  

Finally, in an attempt to cheer things back up here, how about these two "unforgettable moments" cards from the awesome 1998 Fleer Tradition set?

Those aren't inserts but rather they are short printed subset cards that exist as part of the main base set.  

That will do it for today's batch of COMC cards but I've got one more bunch to show off...but the last few cards will all get their chance to shine in single "Barry Larkin Collection" posts - so here's a quick preview of what else I bought from COMC!

Exciting stuff all around!


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