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Resolution Check-In #2 for 2022: Am I Happy or Sad Thus Far?

I should have done my second resolution update back at the end of April but here we are mid-May and I'm finally getting around to it.  Oh well.  I guess this means I've had more time to make progress on my various blogging goals for the year, let's see if that extra time helped at all.

#1:  Barry Larkin Collection

The goal is to get a total of 905 different Larkin cards scanned and written about on the blog.  I began the year at 855 and after February I was up to 874 such posts.  As of today, that total is 886 posts which means I'm well on my way to meeting this goal.

#2:  Trading

The goal is to have 100 trades by the end of the year.  My last check-in saw me around 20 trades and now a couple of months later I'm up to 39 trades.  Without buying any new product for myself, I can't be too upset (though most of my trade options over on TCDB seem to have dried up)!

#3:  The Want List

The goal here is to whittle my want list down to 60 sets or fewer.  So far this year, I've managed to complete 14 different sets while not adding any new sets to the want list.  That last bit isn't exactly true though because I have added the 2000 Pacific set to my want list over on TCDB but I haven't (yet?) gotten around to adding it to my blog want list...I should definitely do that at some point in the near future.

#4:  The Great Reorganization

I've gotten quite a bit more of my Barry Larkin Collection sorted and updated over on TCDB so that's good.  Not much else has happened though here.

#5:  My LEGO blog

The goal is to have 36 posts for the year.  At the moment, I'm up to 15 posts so I'm right on point thus far (I need to average 3 posts per month).  Of course, at the beginning of March I had written 10 posts so I haven't kept up that pace lately.  Here's hoping I can get back to it soon.

#6:  Reading

I'm shooting to read six books this year.  That's about all I can say right now as I haven't done much reading (maybe I've read four or five chapters out of the current novel I'm working on).

#7:  Disc Golf

Three goals here, the first is to learn to throw 300 feet (or more).  That hasn't happened yet.  The second is to break par on the course I play most often.  I've managed to get my best score down to a +7 so still a ways to go there (not being able to throw 300 feet makes that goal nearly impossible).  Finally, I want to play on at least three new (to me) courses.  I managed to play my second new-to-me course yesterday over at Faylor Lake (see the YouTube video below for more on that awesome course...even if I did terrible on the course itself)!

#8:  Woodworking

Still haven't done anything here.

#9:  LEGO Robotics

That's not happening this year as we are down a professor and thus there's no room in my schedule to offer the course.  Bummer.  Maybe next year?

That does it for this check-in.  So far through 2022, I'd say I'm doing alright.  I've got some serious work to do on a few of the resolutions (reorganization, in particular) but I'm happy overall.  


  1. Seems like you're doing pretty well on the card front. Keep it up! I hope you reach your LEGO blog goal ;D


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