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Ripping Some Wax for Me!

I haven't opened a box of baseball cards for myself in quite some time.  Frankly, with the Reds being as bad as they are this year, I'm not sure I will try and open anything from 2022 (other than Allen & Ginter if I can find it).  That all being said, there are plenty of older sets out there that I like...and that's what I have for you today.

I managed to find an unopened (retail) box of 2000 Pacific Baseball, a set that I'm currently working on building, and so I had to jump on it!  

The retail box contains 24 packs with the chance at getting a few inserts - but based on the stated box odds, I won't expect much other than base cards in my box (which is fine since I'm trying to build the full base set)!

I won't show off every card out of the box but I do plan to show off a few of my favorites that I pull.  For today, I think I'll rip the first six packs out of the box and see how I do!

Packs 1 - 6:

The base set is comprised of 450 cards plus an additional 50 "variation" cards.  The variation cards are essentially just head shots rather than the usual action shot but with the vast majority of the stars also having a variation in the set, it does mean that you should get at least one great player per pack.  As you can see from the above scan, I found quite a few great players (plus some nice action images) in my first six packs.

I also found my first insert of the box!

That's a Pacific Ornament card (seeded 2:25 packs).  I remember buying a couple of packs of Pacific back when it was released originally and pulling one of those ornament cards.  I always thought they were cool in a weird Pacific kind of way (and I mean that lovingly)!  I even love the fact that Pacific included a string so that you could really hang the ornaments on your tree!

That was a fun start to the box - better than I could have probably hoped to be honest!  I'll get to the remaining packs in a future post - for now I have plenty of sorting to do from the first stack of cards out of the box.


  1. Still a beautiful looking base set (with fun inserts too!) 20+ years down the line.

  2. The Ornament insert is cool and unique. A few years ago, I purchased an entire set (not sure if it's the same year) and decorated a small tree at my place.

  3. I'm surprised Topps didn't do this with their holiday set.


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