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The Long Awaited Return of the TCDB Mailbag Post!

The past several weeks have been quite an adventure for me but I'm finally back and ready to rock-and-roll with a TCDB trade post.  As you may know, a few weeks ago I had a pipe burst in the ceiling of my (finished) basement (aka the Man Cave).  That caused me to spend several days cleaning things up, drying things out, and dealing with all manner of people (carpet cleaners, insurance adjusters, plumber, etc.).  The one saving grace about the entire mess is that most of my collections (board games, baseball cards, LEGO, and video games) were spared - thank goodness I discovered the leak after it had been going for about 45 minutes as opposed to going to the basement after work...if that had happened then I wager everything would have been lost!

Anyhow, with all of that mess now finally done and taken care of, I'm able to return back to trading - and recapping said trades!  This week, I've got a few different TCDB trades that have rolled in since my flood.  A few of those trades I actually sent my part off prior to the flood while at least one other trader had to wait until I got things cleaned up on my end.  Luckily, all's well that ends well and in this case at least, all is okay!

First up, from user sspeegle:

That's 22 cards that I needed for my 2000 Pacific base set build that I'm now working on.  Right before the flood, I added this set to my want list and was instantly hit with a number of potential trade partners!  I targeted the people that had the most cards to offer (one of which was sspeegle) and was able to work out a trade for 22 Pacific cards that I needed.  

Next up, a trade with user Bronzan:

Yep, more 2000 Pacific cards!  This time, it was a giant stack of 49 cards that I needed (actually, it was only 48 that I needed as Bronzan included one wrong card but still, getting 48 needed cards in one swoop isn't something that I'm used to lately)!

My next trade was with nozzlemaster:

This one ended up getting all screwed up on his end - he agreed to a trade and then later messaged me that he only had one of the 12 cards he was supposed to send.  In the end, he did find five others that I needed and then also included a few stamps to "even things up."  Not ideal for me since it meant having to manually readjust all my TCDB want and have lists but otherwise I guess it worked out okay since I still was able to get a few needed cards.  

My next TCDB trade was with user dwunder20.  As with the other trades thus far in the post, this one was heavy on 2000 Pacific!

That's four more Pacific cards off the want list...but that's not it.  I finally found someone on the site with a Barry Larkin card I needed (it's been awhile)!

That's a 2005 Upper Deck Portraits Scrapbook Moments card of Barry Larkin numbered 176/250.  It's amazing how many serially numbered Barry Larkin cards there are...and unfortunately for me, I still need most of them!  If nothing else, it was nice to get one here - plus it served as a nice bit of a respite from piles of 2000 Pacific base cards!

Next, from user mjones68 comes another pile of 2000 Pacific - this time with 27 more needed base cards!

As you can probably see from my TCDB trades thus far, I found lots of trading partners who had spare 2000 Pacific cards...but otherwise I haven't had much luck acquiring stuff I need lately!  Still, I'll take all the set help I can get on the 2000 Pacific set.  

Let's keep the mail box flowing with yet another trade involving 2000 Pacific, this time with user suomibear8.

This was a simple, little swap where I ended up getting four more needed base cards.  Nothing fancy, but every bit helps!

Next, from user Hebron Reds Fan comes (no surprise) a Reds card...and (again, no surprise) it's a 2000 Pacific card!

That's an image variation card of Sean Casey.  In 2000, Pacific included 50 image variations but happily for set collectors, the image variations are NOT short prints.  They are as common as any other base card (and thus, I'm going for the full base set including all of the image variations which are basically boring headshots such as the Sean Casey above)!

Tired of 2000 Pacific yet? That's fine because my next trade was for 1999 Pacific base cards instead thanks to a swap with user poorlittlecritter.

My 1999 Pacific set build has been in progress for a number of years now and I'm pleased to report that I'm now only missing one more base card plus a handful of the Team Checklist inserts:
1999 Pacific Wants:
Base:  296
Team Checklist inserts:  2, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, 26, 28, 29

Not bad!

Next up, we go back to 2000 Pacific cards thanks to user Matt9975:

Yep, nine more base cards for my set build now in hand!

That'll do it for this TCDB mail bag post!  Now that I'm back in the swing of things, I hope to start doing more TCDB trading - though unfortunately the pool of available traders (and, more specifically, the pool of people who will actually respond to trade requests) is dwindling by the day for me as I knock off more and more cards from my want list.  


  1. I love seeing so much Pacific in one post! Glad most of your stuff was spared with the pipe break.

  2. Glad you're back up and running, with minimal damage to the collections!


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