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It's TCDB Monday, Yet Again!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I'm back with another week's worth of TCDB trades...though truthfully a "week's worth of trades" this week is actually only a single PWE with a single card inside for me.  Oh well, better than nothing!

My lone envelope of the week comes courtesy of TCDB user homerjg007:

That's one of the last few cards that I need from the 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Nickname Greats insert set.  I have to say, "Mick the Quick" is a kind of lame nickname - very much a Jr. High sounding nickname!  I'd much rather be known as "The Big Hurt" or "The Punisher" or even "The Express"!  Speaking of nicknames, fun trivia for you....one of my nicknames growing up was Superman because of how close my real name is to one of the actors that played Superman.  I'd say I got off pretty nicely on the nickname front as kids can be kind of cruel with names assigned to people!

As for the Nickname Greats set, here's what I'm still looking for.  Any help is always appreciated!

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Wants:
Nickname Greats:  
CF.  Carlton Fisk
GS.  George Scott
KH.  Ken Harrelson
LP.  Lou Piniella 
MF.  Mark Fidrych
MW.  Mitch Williams
RC.  Ron Cey
RG.  Ron Guidry

As for trading over on TCDB, I'm still trying to wheel and deal!  I've got a ton of Barry Larkin wants listed over there as well as all of my set needs.  I've also been listing even more trade bait, so check out my profile and see if we match up at all!


  1. It may be a junior high nickname, but a Mick the Quick card is what got me into collecting cards.

  2. I used to play this baseball simulation game on my old Apple IIe... and I'd sometimes use the 1978 Yankees. That's where I learned about Mickey's speed.


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