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Modern Stadium Club Additions to my Collection

I need to stop looking on eBay for random, cheap Barry Larkin cards because when I do that I often find some that I "need."  I say "need" because truthfully I'm growing less and less interested in cards released after Larkin's retirement but even that didn't stop me from making a couple of modern Stadium Club purchases.

First up, from 2021 is this Stadium Club Greats Black parallel of Larkin serially-numbered out of only 99.  

Modern cards are full of serially-numbering which means each and every numbered Larkin card I can get is appreciated only because there aren't that many of each card out there in the world.  That being said, when nearly every card is serially-numbered, the whole thing kind of loses whatever luster it may have otherwise had.

My other Stadium Club buy was this 2020 Stadium Club Chrome Gold Refractor.  

It's not serially-numbered but it is quite pretty in its golden luster!  

That does it for the purchases...and for now these two cards will simply be added to my piles on my table of 2020 and 2021 Larkin cards.  I can't even bring myself to sort through the piles and update my Larkin binder (and TCDB page) with my haves and wants...there are simply too many modern Larkin cards to go through!

Maybe someday I'll be motivated enough to tackle that project...and truthfully, the more cards I can acquire from those years, the easier and quicker the updating will be (so send me all your modern Larkins and completely ignore what I wrote above about getting tired of modern cards)!