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Tearing Up Cards (okay, just one rip card torn up is all)!

Last week, I held the final night of box breaks for Breaker's Club #6.  One of the boxes in that break was a box of 1998 Pinnacle Zenith - a set where every card starts out as a 5x7 card.

I say "starts out as" because each 5x7 is actually a rip card...and since no one claimed the Marlins, I had to give one of the cards a proper tear simply to see what was inside it!

Poor Sheffield.

And inside?  A regular-sized card of Nomar Garciaparra.

Kind of a cool concept I guess but the idea of a box containing nothing but rip cards kind of hurts me on many levels.  

That was the only card that I ripped and honestly, I think one is enough!


  1. This is one of the stranger sets I've seen opened but I was pleased to see a card pulled for me that's a dupe. You bet I'm tearing it! (Which reminds me I need to request shipment).

  2. This is one of my favorite products from the 90's. I own one of these 5x7 sets... and a few of the hockey sets. I was actually obsessed with the hockey set back in the day and opened up several boxes that were on clearance. I got really good at carefully slicing the back of the 5x7 to extract the standard size card while keeping the 5x7 in reasonable shape.

  3. I was gonna ask if there was a way to open the card and keep it presentable, but Fuji answered it!


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