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The Sportlots Buying Spree: Part 1 (PWE Madness)

I took a break from blogging for a number of days for three reasons:
  1. I haven't acquired anything in the way of new (i.e. 2022) baseball cards for myself so other than the occasional Barry Larkin purchase I haven't had much to write about.
  2. I had a full weekend bachelor party to attend for an ex-coworker (who also happened to be an ex-student of mine as well).  I'm definitely too old for normal bachelor parties but this one was super chill - a house on a lake with a lot of board games and yard games, exactly my speed!
  3. My wife and I took our son on our first ever beach vacation.  We drove about six hours down to Fenwick Island, DE (with a pit stop at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA on the way down). 
All of those things conspired to keep me away from my computer...and rather than throw a bunch of half-hearted blog entries up for auto-publishing while I was gone I figured a clean break would do me some good (and the blog as well).  

Now, I'm back home and ready to roll...and even better, I have stuff to write about that's card related!  You see, right before all of the events listed above I placed a big order over on Sportlots.  Since I was gone for a full week, there's been plenty of time for most of those orders to arrive!

I'll have to split my Sportlots purchases up into multiple posts but for today I'll go through some of the PWEs that have arrived thus far beginning with this short print from 2008 Upper Deck Goudey.

Yep, Tony Gwynn had somehow eluded me for over a decade...but now he's all mine!  Even better, I'm now down to needing only two more cards from the '08 Goudey set before I can cross it off of my want list forever!  

Next, we move to 2013 Gypsy Queen with this white paper framed parallel of Al Kaline.

I was able to nab this one for under a buck, shipping included.  That's a steal for the card - and a boon for my collection since I haven't had much luck trading for the last few white framed parallels that I need over on TCDB.  

My next purchase was a mini from the 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter mini set (regular back).

For some reason, there are certain years of Allen & Ginter that I decided to try and build the entire 350 card mini parallel set to go along with most of the full-sized and mini-sized insert sets.  2009 was one such year - and if all goes well by the time all of my Sportlots purchases arrive at my house I should have the mini set done!  The above Ryan Braun card was the first of three needed minis to arrive at my house.

Moving along, my next PWE contained two cards (I'm not good at doing the whole "combined shipping" thing on Sportlots)!  

That 2010 Ginter mini is another regular back mini (and yes, I'm trying to build the full 2010 Ginter mini set as well).  The Ben Grieve card is a checklist insert from the 1999 Pacific set.  That set has proven to be a bit tougher to put together than I figured it would be but at least the cards look sharp in hand!

Let's close today's post with one more PWE:

That's a 2000 Stadium Club base short print of Rafael Furcal.  You'll (hopefully) see a lot more 2000 Stadium Club in some future Sportlots posts as I tried to buy as many needed cards as I could find on the site (at a reasonable cost, of course).  

That'll do it for this particular post.  No completed sets (yet) but hopefully when I get to ripping some of the bubble envelopes that have also arrived I'll be able to full finish off a few more sets!  Oh yeah, still no 2022 product for me...and until Ginter comes out that'll probably be the case.  Unfortunately, even that might not be enough as I've yet to find boxes of Ginter for sale at a reasonable cost (if you know of a place, let me know)!


  1. You know you're the "cool" teacher when you start receiving invitations to former student's bachelor parties 😝. I've been invited to a wedding, but not to their bachelor party.

    P.S. Love the Gwynn!

  2. I can relate to not being able to do the combined shipping with Sportlots.

    I do like that white paper frame.

  3. I struggle with combined shipping, too. I wants what I wants! Got a sportlots order lined up as well.

  4. The one thing I don't like about Sportlots is, as a Canadian, I essentially pay twice for shipping. A number of people make direct shipping outrageously expensive, so I have to do the box ship. So I pay to have them ship it to the warehouse... Then when I want the cards, I need to pay again for shipping..


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