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The Sportlots Buying Spree: Part 2 (Happy Days are Nearly Here)

I'm back with more of my recent Sportlots purchase!  Today, we dip into some one of the larger bubble mailers - seller ohiomike had 7 cards that I needed (which is quite impressive given the specificity of my want list these days)!

Going in chronological order from oldest to newest stuff, we'll begin with two of the final three short prints that I needed from the 1998 Fleer Tradition set.

I should have the third and final missing card in one of the other incoming mailers - and then this set will be complete!  Happy days!

Next, from 2000 comes three of the needed Stadium Club short prints (you'll notice an ongoing theme with my want list is that it's now chock full of short prints...the bane of being a set collector)!

I'm still a huge fan of the 2000 Stadium Club set, such a simple design but it works well (I even like the foil team logos, something I normally don't care for to have the foil treatment).  I've still got quite a ways to go before the 2000 Stadium Club set is complete...but hopefully by the time all of my Sportlots orders arrive I'll be nearly done with this set as well.

Moving up one year to 2001, we have a single 2001 Topps HD card that I've been chasing after for quite some time:

The back portion of the '01 HD set is also full of nothing but short prints...and yes, I'm trying to acquire them all for my set build (and yes, that's a painful process to be sure).  Luckily, there were a small number of affordable HD short prints available on Sportlots when I checked - so this won't be the last of this set you see either.

And finally, last but not least (okay, actually it is kind of "least") comes this Dustin Pedroia monstrosity from the 2010 Topps National Chicle set.

This is yet another short print...and unlike the other sets that I showed from this purchase, I honestly no longer like the 2010 National Chicle set.  However, once all of my Sportlots orders arrive, I should be down to needing only three more cards for the complete set...and yeah, the completionist in me is probably going to keep hunting for the remaining missing cards even if I don't like the set much.

On a side note:  Where does one go to sell a full set?  Is eBay the best bet?  I'm thinking when/if I finish 2010 National Chicle I may end up trying to move that set and clear out some space on my baseball card shelves.

That does it for this particular post and purchase!  I should have a few more envelopes to show off in the near future - and hopefully I'll be able to finish some sets while I'm at it.  Until then, feel free to check out my want list and see if you have anything that I could use - I'd love to work out a trade if possible!


  1. Yeah, that Pedroia card is hideous and disrespectful. Best bet to move the set is eBay. You can try offering it up on TCDB and see if you have any nibblers though. Won't be me, not if they look like that. ohiomike is one of mf favs to find SPs and SN cards. Too bad he doesn't offer loot; I've made plenty of purchases off of him.

  2. What did they do to Pedroia? That card is just not right...

  3. I really like 2010 Topps Chicle. Maybe not the Pedroia or the Babe Ruth (with eye black)... but most of the regular base set (first 275 cards) is really attractive. I would offer to buy the set from you, but I purchased the set on eBay last year.


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