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Another Monday, Another TCDB Trade Week Recap (with wldness, pianojazzman, and Burnsie42)

Another week begins, another "weekly recap" for my TCDB swaps!

We'll start today's post with a trade with user wldness:

I sent wldness a pile of 1992 Upper Deck cards, plus a couple of Barry Larkin duplicates of mine in exchange for a new (to me) Larkin card plus a 1999 Pacific need.  I'd call that sort of trade a win in my book - I cleared out way more cards than I brought in, I made progress on a set I'm collecting, and I secured another new Barry Larkin card for myself (this one being a 2001 Topps Reserve card - a set that I know nothing about)!

Whoops!  After going through my set binder, it turned out that wldness sent me the image variation of Lowell (which I already had).  Since I didn't see anyone else on TCDB with the card I needed, I headed over to Sportlots and should soon be the new owner of the actual version of the card that I needed.  Once that card arrives, my 1999 Pacific base set (with variations) will be complete!
**End Update**

Next up, from user pianojazzman comes a single 2000 Pacific card that I needed.

One more card down from that set.  Not much else to say, though honestly this is one of the better images that I've seen in the 2000 Pacific base set.  

Finally, from Burnsie42 comes my final trade of the week.

That's a needed Barry Larkin card from 2018 - a year that I finally got fully sorted and updated my want list over on TCDB.  With the All-Star card now tucked away in my binder, I'm "only" missing 164 more other Barry Larkin cards from 2018 alone!  Yikes!  And that's only counting cards with a print run of at least 25 copies...oh, and did I mention that Larkin has been retired since 2004?!