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Barry Larkin Collection 906: 1993 Donruss - #13 - Spirit of the Game

Barry Larkin & Greg Gagne
Year:  1993
Brand:  Donruss
Insert set:  Spirit of the Game
Card number:  13

I didn't collect a whole lot of 1993 Donruss when I was a kid so I had no idea about the Spirit of the Game insert set until I acquired this particular Barry Larkin card.  It turns out that the Spirit of the Game insert set contains a total of 20 cards with half being seeded in Series 1 packs and the other half in Series 2 packs (Larkin's card could be found in Series 2).  Oddly, some of the inserts feature a single player while others (like Larkins) feature two different players.  I have no idea why Donruss did that but it's undoubtedly a weird design choice (and I have to think a complete set would look kind of strange in a binder because of that).  

All that said, taking this card on its own as another entry into my Barry Larkin Collection, I have to say that I like it!  Oh sure, I wish Barry was featured on the front instead of the back, but otherwise this is good stuff.  I like the "Range Rovers" label for the two players - especially when they both a featured in action fielding shots.  Definitely one of the more unique inserts in my Larkin Collection - and for that, I give this one two thumbs up!


  1. I own that card, but for the Gagne part of it.

  2. Its a neat looking card for sure, but Donruss sure made some strange decisions!


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