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Barry Larkin Collection 908: 1989 Cadaco Discs

Barry Larkin
Year:  1989
Brand:  Cadaco Discs
Card number:  none

The 1989 Cadaco Discs were released as part of a board game and apparently Cadaco has a tough time creating Barry's card (disc).  You see, there are actually four different versions to track down:
  1. The correct photo and regular back disc (which is shown above)
  2. The incorrect photo (Terry McGriff) and regular back disc
  3. The correct photo and variation back disc
  4. The incorrect photo (Terry McGriff) and variation back disc
Pure insanity for such a niche game!  Of course, as a Barry Larkin completionist, I do plan to try and track down the other three versions - but no real rush on my end since having someone other than Barry's face on a Larkin card doesn't interest me all that much!

As for the game itself, my brother and I had a copy of the game when we were kids (I don't recall which year our game was, however).  I do remember spinning lots of spinners and looking to see if your batter got a hit or an out (the numbers along the edge of the disc represent different possible outcomes:  home run, fly out, etc.).  We had fun with the game and that's basically all I remember about it!