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Pacific Ornaments: Adding Another Set to my Want List!

I've been flying through my box of 2000 Pacific - half of the box has already been ripped and now I'm back and ready to rip the next quarter of the box (i.e. six more packs)!

2000 Pacific:
Packs 13 - 18:

This was by far the most successful bunch of packs in terms of me acquiring needed base cards.  In the six packs, I ended up landing 17 different cards that I needed for my set build, including a couple of missing star cards in Bonds and McGwire!  Absolutely no complaints about that kind of output, especially given how few needed base cards I found in the first half of the box.

The only other "hit" out of this batch of packs was my second Ornament from the box - and it's a beauty:

That's a Cal Ripken, Jr. Christmas Ornament card and it's easily one of my favorite cards from the box.  With each ornament that I acquire, I'm getting more and more tempted to try and build the full ornament set for myself because I love how weird and quirky the set design is!  

**Editor's Note**
After a fair bit of deliberation, I did it.  I added all of the missing Ornament cards to my TCDB want list (and my want list on my blog)!  This set is too cool and unique to not try and collect, even if I'm over two decades too late for the attempt.  
**  **

That does it for this round of packs but don't fear, there are still six more packs to go in the box.  Could I possibly finish off the entire base set (no, most likely not) but hopefully I can inch a bit closer yet!  Also, maybe I'll find another Ornament card (despite them being seeded 2:25 packs and the fact that we already found two such cards in the box).


  1. I had the Mo Vaughn ornament, I think i still do. Ill have to look around and see if I can find it...

  2. Good luck with the ornaments!

  3. Fun set to collect. Good luck!


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