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TCDB Monday!

What do you know, another week over, another week begins.  As usual, the beginning of a week means it is Monday TCDB wrap-up time!

I'm going to start off today's post with the prize of the last week's worth of TCDB trading courtesy of user halos17:

That's a 2018 Panini Diamond Kings relic of Barry Larkin - but not any relic, it's actually the "holo silver" relic which is numbered out of 99.  I also have to give halos17 a special "thank you" for the nice note he included in the trade package, and the even nicer note he left on the TCDB trade page for me.  There's not much that can make Monday palatable, but a few nice words can definitely work wonders - so thank you!

Next up, from user BaltOrioles comes my second new-to-me Barry Larkin card of the week:

That's a Cadaco game disc from the 1989 version of the game.  I've put some particular emphasis in lately in terms of knocking out as many of the late 80s, early 90s Larkin cards that I need as possible - and this is one such example.  There's actually two versions of this particular disc, the "corrected" version which is what you see here and the "error" version which features Terry McGriff's photo instead of Larkin's picture.  

That's it for the past week on TCDB but honestly, I think it was a super successful week for me!  Thanks to the addition of the Cadaco disc, I'm now only missing seven more Barry Larkin cards from the year 1989 (can't complain about that).  I'm also always excited to acquire new serially-numbered Larkin cards - and it's even better if it's a relic card!  All in all, a good week - happy Monday everyone, let's make the next week a good week as well.


  1. That Bat King card is awesome....Go BLUE!

  2. How many cards did Barry have in 1989?

  3. You did well! I have 5 trades going on right now, which is a lot for me! You're much better at finding Larkins than I am at finding Tinos!


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