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Theme Week: The 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Inserts, Relics, Autographs, and Box Toppers!

Welcome to this week's theme week:  2006 Topps Allen & Ginter!  

We've made it to Friday, the final (official) day of 2006 Allen & Ginter Week here at Nachos Grande.  I say "official" because tomorrow's post is also going to deal with the 2006 Ginter set but today's the last day that I'm using that theme week banner image you see at the top of the post.  

Anyhow, my goal for today is to take a look at the rest of the stuff you could get in 2006 Allen & Ginter.  We've already seen the base set (both baseball and non-baseball subjects) in great detail but Allen & Ginter wouldn't still be around today if that's all the set featured.

The 2006 Ginter set had a few things that current day collectors will find familiar.  For starters, minis!  There were:
  • Regular back minis
  • A&G back minis
  • Black bordered minis
  • No card number minis
  • Bazooka back minis (#/25)
  • Wood minis (#/1)
  • Printing plate minis
That's actually fewer mini parallels than more recent Ginter sets but it's still a ton of minis to track down!  That being said, that's basically it for minis in the 2006 set.  There were no mini inserts in 2006. 

While the minis were certainly popular, it was probably the Rip Cards that made Ginter famous!  In the 2006 set, there were only 50 different Rip Card subjects (each numbered to 99 or less).   

Finally, there were a few other insert cards to look for including:
  • Dick Perez Sketch Cards (more on this set tomorrow)
  • N43 box toppers
  • Postcard box toppers
  • Framed relics
  • Framed autographs
And extra rare stuff:
  • N43 relic box toppers
  • N43 autograph box toppers
  • Personalized postcards box toppers
And that's basically it for 2006 Allen & Ginter.  

Personally, other than the full base set and the Dick Perez Sketch Card set (which you'll see tomorrow), I don't own much else from the 2006 A&G set.  I was still in my "dark ages" when it came to baseball card collecting in '06 and so the release of the '06 set passed me right by.  In fact, it wasn't until years later than I ended up buying a complete set of 2006 Ginter to help complete my run of the brand.  That being said, I'm definitely glad to have the full base set (and the only proper non-box topper insert set as well).   

I've got one more 2006 A&G post for tomorrow - part of my Complete Set Chronicles series of posts where I'll show off the entire Dick Perez Sketch Card set.  See you then!


  1. Love Ginter. I will have to go back and read the rest. Been meaning to all week!


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