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If You are Only Going to Get One Card from TCDB...

If you are only going to get a single card from TCDB for the week, you might as well make it a good one, right?!  Well, that's how my last week - only a single card came in but it was a nice one:

Thanks to user JBozovsky (of the Wax Pack Wonders blog) I'm now the proud owner of a Gold Signature parallel of this 1996 Collector's Choice You Make the Play insert card.  You'll probably have to trust me that the above card is actually a gold signature parallel (the scan makes it look more silver - but that's a parallel that I already own).  So yes, it is a gold signature - I promise!

The 1996 Collector's Choice set features a whole slew of Barry Larkin cards - but thanks to my trade with JBozovsky, I'm now only missing four cards (out of a total of 16 total Larkin cards in the set).  It's probably no surprise that the four cards that I'm missing are the Gold Signature parallels which are fairly tough-to-find considering how "mass market" the '96 Collector's Choice set was!  

I'll lucky if I have any cards from TCDB trades next week - most of my trade offers that I've made on the site are sitting in various user's inboxes going ignored.  I also know that as I keep acquiring new cards, it makes it that much harder to make my next trade because my want list keeps shrinking.  That all being said, I do have some more trade bait that I need to get uploaded to the site and maybe that will spur another round of trade options!  I guess we'll find out next week...have a good week everyone!


  1. Since you didn't do it, I'll mention Jeff's blog, Wax Pack Wonders.

    1. Ah thanks, I didn't put two and two together on that one!


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