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Summer > Autumn. Complete Sets > Non-Completed Sets.

I don't about you, but where I live it's definitely starting to feel autumnal.  I guess that makes sense since yesterday was the first official day of fall but man, I'm already missing summer!  Yesterday was nothing but a rainy, dreary mess with leaves falling all over (and me getting pelted by acorns from my oak tree in my front yard as I attempted to retrieve the mail).  Today is supposed to be sunnier, but quite a bit cooler and I'm not ready for jacket weather.

In an effort to keep summer alive as long as possible, let's turn to our National Pastime (is that still an accurate way to describe baseball?).  More precisely, let's look at the next batch of cards from my recent Check Out My Cards purchase.  

For today's post, I've got some random set needs that I was able to secure beginning with an Allen & Ginter mini from 2010:

That's a Celestial Stars card of Dustin Pedroia  - one of the final two that I needed from the set.  Now, I'm only missing #4:  Derek Jeter (because of course I'm still missing the Jeter card).  

Moving back a year, my next card is a 2009 Topps Heritage Rookie Performers insert of Jordan Zimmerman.

Like most Heritage inserts, this particular design isn't overly exciting - but for some reason back in 2009 I thought it would be a good idea to collect virtually everything related to the 2009 Heritage set and so here we are...13 years later and still working on the set!  I'm now down to needing only two more cards from this set:  #3 Andrew McCutchen and #15 David Price.  

Heading even further back in time, let's stop at 2001 for a quick look at a 2001 Topps HD card of Ken Griffey, Jr.

That's one of the short printed base cards - and like most of the sets in today's post, I'm not quite done with this one either (I still need to locate #106:  Ivan Rodriguez).

We'll end the baseball card portion of today's post with two more cards - both from 2000 Stadium Club.

Those two cards may not look overly special but they are to me as they are final two cards that I needed for my 2000 Stadium Club set build!  This is the 20th set that I've managed to complete this year - a great number if you ask me!

Finally, I also grabbed a pair of non-baseball set needs - one from the 2009 American Heritage set and the other from the 2009 Heritage American Heroes set, each of which was produced by Topps.

The McCain is one of the short printed American Heritage base cards (and honestly, I'm so sick of politics that I have little interest in even trying to complete this set but the price was right on this one).  More interesting to me was the other card - the Heroes of Spaceflight insert of Project Mercury from the Heritage American Heroes set.  For the Heroes of Spaceflight set, I'm now nearly done with that one as well - only two more cards to track down!  

I had fun shopping around on COMC for this batch of cards - and, of course, being able to actually complete a full set is extra awesome!  The good time summer vibes will be alive for at least a few more days as I have one more batch of cards from COMC to show off still!


  1. Anytime a new Pedey finds its way into my hands is a good day. Congrats on the Stadium Club completion. Also a good day when you can plug those final cards in there. Still have the '02 and '08 one to finish myself.

  2. Nice Pedroia, even if I don't really care about the Zodiac theme. I'm also sick of politics, but maybe I wouldn't be if there were more cards of politicians shaking hands with sharks...

  3. I quickly glanced at my wantlist and there were three sets from the past decade where I still need the Jeter. One of them is down to two cards: him and Mays. Unless I pull the card myself, he seems to always be one of the final cards I cross off my lists.


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