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That's What I Get for Not Checking My Want Lists Carefully!

Not too long ago, I completed a trade over on Facebook with someone who is in a Barry Larkin collector's group with me.  We agreed on a simple trade where I was to receive four cards that I thought I needed.  Of course, you can see where this is headed already...I didn't actually need all four cards - it was my memory that failed me (and thus why I should always check my want lists first)!

Luckily, it wasn't all bad news as I was able to acquire two new cards (out of the four cards in the trade in total).  Well, technically speaking, I only acquired one new card...the other new item was a bookmark (but it's officially licensed by MLB and the MLB Player's Association)!

As for my two duplicates, here they are:

There's a bunch of different versions of that Cadaco disc but unfortunately for me I didn't get one of the two versions that I was still missing.  I've already added both of the duplicate Larkin cards to my TCDB trade bait page - there are enough Larkin collectors out there that I may end up getting a bite eventually!

As for me, maybe this will be enough to teach me to check my want lists carefully before agreeing to future trades.  Knowing me, I kind of doubt it, but it'd be a good idea if I were to learn to check things carefully first!


  1. getting unintentional duplicates, *sigh* been there done that many many times.


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