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1998 Topps Gold Label Week: Packs 13 - 16

Hard to believe the week is almost done when we are only halfway through our box of 1998 Topps Gold Label - I'm hoping to extend this theme week through Sunday in order to fit in all 24 packs!

Without further ado, let's get ripping!

Pack 13:

12.  Tom Glavine
37.  Marquis Grissom
49.  Eric Karros (Class 2)

My third Class 2 parallel from the box and it's the second Class 2 Dodger!  I have an uncanny knack for pulling Dodgers above and beyond pretty much any other team.  

Pack 14:

35.  Henry Rodriguez
94.  Manny Ramirez
31.  Derek Bell (Class 1 Black Label)

That's the third Black Label card out of the box, but only the first of the more common "Class 1" versions.  The Class 1 Black Label parallels are seeded 1:12 packs so I'm expecting to find one more in the box before all is said and done.

Pack 15:

43.  Mike Mussina
82.  Ryan Klesko
97.  Todd Walker

Three more regular base cards including Mike Mussina who lives about 10 minutes or so from where I work.

Pack 16:

13.  Reggie Sanders
48.  Hideki Irabu
55.  Quinton McCracken

My first Cincinnati Reds card out of the box which is something I guess (the Reds only have two players in the set, Reggie Sanders and Barry Larkin).

Well, that does it for the middle third of the box.  I continue to make progress on the base set which is good since I'm leaning more and more into the idea of actually collecting the entire Class 1 set!  

My hope is to get the final eight packs ripped, scanned, and written about this weekend...considering it bonus time Theme Week goodness!