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1998 Topps Gold Label Week: Packs 5 - 8

The first four packs out of my box of 1998 Topps Gold Label were quite good, can the next bunch of four keep up the pace?  Let's find out together as we continue along with 1998 Topps Gold Label Week here at Nachos Grande!

Pack 5:

6.  Matt Williams
10.  Jim Thome
44.  Jason Kendall (Class 3 Black Label)

Coming in at 1:48 packs, we have a Class 3 Black Label card of Jason Kendall.  Not the biggest name to pull in the set but still a nice card to find in the box.  Certainly a good start to today's bunch of packs!

Pack 6:

46.  Frank Thomas
65.  Barry Bonds
68.  Chuck Knoblauch

Nothing but base cards this time around but at least two of the three cards in this pack were star players.  It's always nice to acquire via packs the Thomas/Bonds/Jeter/Ripkens of the set prior to trying to trade for or outright purchase them!

Pack 7:

24.  Rafael Palmeiro
83.  Sammy Sosa
HR1.  Roger Maris

That's the second time this box that I've pulled that Maris HR Race card, though the first time it was the Black Label version while this time it's the regular base version.

Pack 8:

73.  Paul Molitor
85.  Jose Cruz, Jr.
10.  Jim Thome (Class 2)

We finish off this batch of packs with our second Class 2 parallel of the box.  

At the one-third mark of the box, I'd say we've done exceedingly well.  We've already pulled cards seeded at rates of 1:48 and 1:80 packs.  No complaints from me - plus I've done quite well getting needed base cards (I need most of the base cards from this set if I'm going to actually try and collect the full thing).  

Come back again tomorrow for the next four packs out of the box!


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