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1998 Topps Gold Label Week: Packs 9 - 12

Welcome back to another entry in my 1998 Topps Gold Label Theme Week.  After today's packs are ripped, we'll be officially at the halfway mark of the box.  

Let's dig in!

Pack 9:

40.  Damion Easley
60.  Mike Piazza
57.  Ken Caminiti (Class 3)

There's our second Class 3 card of the box.  Seeded 1:8 packs, we should still get one more Class 3 before all is said and done.  I'm going to hold out hope that the final Class 3 will be Barry Larkin as that's one of the five Larkin cards that I still need from this set.

Pack 10:

2.  Greg Maddux
49.  Eric Karros
59.  Wade Boggs

Getting a pack of only base cards is actually a good thing for someone who's seriously contemplating trying to build the entire Class 1 base set!  I'm going to wait and see how close I am to the full set by the time the box is fully ripped before making any final decision as to whether or not I'll add the set to my want list!

Pack 11:

50.  Juan Gonzalez
57.  Ken Caminiti
58.  Brian Jordan

Not the most exciting trio of players...

Pack 12:

1.  Kevin Brown
19.  Robin Ventura
38.  Jason Giambi

I never would have guessed that Kevin Brown would be card #1 for any set, let alone a set like Gold Label (which has a smaller, more star-driven checklist).  

Three out of four packs had nothing but Class 1 base cards but I'm not complaining since I'll need those for my set build if I end up going that route.  That being said, this wasn't the most exciting quartet of packs to write about...hopefully the next four are a bit more interesting (if for no other reason than better blog content)!


  1. Hey, Kevin Brown was a pretty big star in his day. He had finished second in the Cy Young voting and won the ERA title in 1996, and would finish third in 1998. He's really got a pretty good case to be a Hall of Famer.

  2. Win some, lose some. How many cards are in the base set?

    1. 100 cards, it's a nice and tidy small set to collect (if you ignore the other Class tiers - and the various colored parallels)!

    2. 100 seems doable. You should go for it!


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