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Barry Larkin Collection 919: 1988 Score - #72 - Glossy

Barry Larkin
Year:  1988
Brand:  Score
Card number:  72
Parallel set:  Glossy

I got this 1988 Score Glossy card in a trade from a user on Facebook, though truthfully I'm still not 100% sure it's actually a proper glossy card.  Yes, the card does seem to be a bit glossier than the regular 1988 Score cards that I own, but it isn't super noticeable.  From what I've read online, it seems like 1988 Score Glossy cards are supposed to be super glossy, almost mirror-like when held in hand.  If anyone has an '88 Score Glossy card, I'd love to hear your feedback to know whether or not what I have should actually count for my collection!  The one thing I do know is that no amount of scanning will ever show the gloss in a meaningful way.

As for the card itself, besides the glossiness of it, it's nothing more than a regular 1988 Score card.  Your mileage may vary depending on how much you like the '88 Score design.  For me, I like this one, mostly for the amazing card back - look at the full stats (minor leagues included), secondary photo (in color), large team logo, and a huge card write-up.  Love, love, love that.  


  1. I have a few from the Glossy parallel and you'll definitely know when you have one. The surface is super, super glossy and also feels slicker than a regular base card. Light glares off of them bigtime too.

  2. The surface of this card is definitely glossier than any of the other 1988 Score cards I own. There's not the big light glare though.


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