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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 1 - Packs 17 - 20

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I've got more from my first box of 2022 Allen & Ginter to show off so let's get right to it.

Box 1:

Pack 17:
8.  Alex Bregman
23.  Larry Walker
120.  Yordan Alvarez
239.  Brandon Woodruff
293.  Jason Ellis
320.  Kevin Gausman
Mini Black Border:  43.  Xander Bogaerts
Banner Season:  BD-19.  Dick Allen

There's my second black bordered mini of the box (seeded 1:10 packs so we should get at least two in a 24 pack box).  I vaguely recall listening to Jason Ellis' Sirius XM radio show every now and then a number of years ago.  I remember him talking sports sometimes but ultimately I didn't care that much for his program.

Pack 18:
7.  Shane Baz
46.  Rafael Devers
115.  Trea Turner
157.  Emmanuel Rivera
220.  Andrew Benintendi
274.  Ian Grushka
Mini:  241.  Bob Feller
It's Your Special Day!:  IYSD-11.  National Pajama Day

That dinosaur pajama outfit looks rather fun for a young child, I kind of think my son would dig that if he had it!  Not much else of note in this pack, I guess the Feller mini is nice enough but Bob Feller is quickly becoming one of those "MLB legends" that I'm less and less interested pulling in modern day packs.  

Pack 19:
56.  Anthony Rizzo
99.  Salvador Perez
144.  Carl Yastrzemski
202.  Morgan Murphy
231.  Michelle Wie West
310.  Yoshi Tsutsugo
Mini:  Bearing Fruit:  Dragon Fruit
Banner Season:  BS-15.  Ken Griffey, Jr.

Now that's more like it!  A nice Griffey insert plus another mini insert.  I've actually eaten dragon fruit a few times, it's basically a cross between a kiwi and a pear in terms of taste (not looks).  

Pack 20:
11.  Aaron Judge
124.  Cody Bellinger
146.  Derek Jeter
271.  Eric Bobo
295.  Ariel Torres
337.  Manny Ramirez
Mini A&G back:  12.  Rickey Henderson
Pitching a Gem:  PAG-11.  Walker Buehler

That's a nice A&G back card of Henderson but the highlight for me is probably the Buehler Pitching a Gem card.  

At this point, we only have four more packs remaining in the box and we are still missing two hits.  Spoiler alert (because I couldn't help myself and I ripped the last four packs already), we have one hit to come but our box was shorted that third hit.  I'll try to get the contents of the last four packs up on the blog soon, until then though, have a great Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. Yeah, those Pitching a Gem cards are attractive.

  2. Topps customer service might be able to get you a make-up hit since you were shorted one.

    Michelle Wie was the only non-baseball player in this group whom I didn't have to look up.

    1. I second that. I'm not familiar with most of the non-baseball people on this year's A&G checklist.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!


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