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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 2 Recap (The One with the Rip Card!)

After spending the better part of a week going through my first box of 2022 Topps Allen & Ginter on a pack-by-pack, card-by-card basis, I'm ready to move a bit quicker through my remaining boxes!  Rather than drag things out over the course of many posts, today I thought I'd rip through my second box of Ginter and simply show off the highlights from the box.  Buckle up!

Box 2:

Box topper:

I can't get overly excited about the cabinet cards though as I said with my first box, this year's design is a lot better than many previous years.  I enjoy the trees and clouds, it's that splash of color that makes the design work for me overall.

Mini inserts:

One of the big highlights out of any box of Ginter is the assortment of mini inserts.  This particular box didn't disappoint in that it produced six different mini inserts for me!  The What a Steal! set, the Baseball Lexicon set, and the Rookie Design Variation minis are all new-to-me sets.  Obviously, I have a long, long ways to go on these before I'll have the sets complete.  That said, I have to start someplace so it might as well be here!

The Hits:


I pulled a pair of relics in this box - the Chipper Jones relic is definitely the more desirable of the two!  That being said, unless I end up deciding to chase the relic set neither of these will end up as keepers for my personal collection.  Of course, depending how my remaining boxes go I could potentially chase after one (or both) of the full-sized relic sets!

Rip Card:

Woo!  I found an awesome Miguel Cabrera rip card #/99!  For the moment, I'm leaving the card unripped - mostly I want to see how the rest of my boxes of Ginter go.  I know I'll need to sell off some of what I pull to recoup some of my investment so we'll see what happens with Miggy.  For now, I'll simply bask in the excitement and glow of pulling a rip card.

With all three hits accounted for (and one being a relic) plus an extra mini insert, it's clear that box 2 was far, far superior to the first box I opened.  Here's hoping we are generating solid positive momentum as head deeper into my stack of boxes!


  1. Are rip cards considered a hit the way a relic/auto is? Congrats on pulling one!

    1. Yep, rip cards/relics/autos all count as one of the three promised hits in a box. Pulling a rip card is always exciting, still haven't decided if I should sell or rip it though!

  2. Liking those Parks minis. Really hating the green light card whatwith the incorrect light arrangement.

  3. I spent far too much time trying to figure out which country/ies place the green light in the middle of their traffic light and gave up. But that's going to drive me (get it?) nuts.

  4. Love the Inside the Park mini set. Might try and build or buy that set. Worst case scenario, I'll be grabbing singles for the collection.

  5. If the Rip cards are a hit, does that mean that there's always gonna be something good in there? Or is it like those old Pinnacle ones that you had, where it's possible to get bupkus out of them?

  6. What a box. Nice pulls.


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