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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 3 Recap (The One with the Brooklyn Back and Framed Autograph!)

Another day, another box of Ginter to show off!  

My third box of 2022 Allen & Ginter started off with a Juan Soto cabinet box topper but I decided to scan a base card instead of that...

Yep, my first Barry Larkin card from 2022 Allen & Ginter!  I'm going to need a second copy of this card for my Larkin binder (the first will live in my set binder). 

Mini inserts:

Another six mini inserts in this box.  I never heard of the Yangmei fruit so that was a fun chance to learn a little something.  I'm also enjoying the What a Steal inserts, basically a set dedicated to thefts of random items (in this case, over a million dollars worth of fajitas).

Brooklyn Back mini:

In addition to the usual base minis, A&G back minis, and black bordered minis, I pulled one "special" mini - a Brooklyn back mini of Max Scherzer #20/25.  Nice!

The hits:


I expect each box of Ginter to produce two basic relics (one horizontal and one vertical).  This box did exactly that.  I don't know anything about the kid - the card back simply refers to him as "hobby wonderkid."  


My first auto from 2022 Ginter is a freakin' Cardinal.  Ugh.  No matter, I do love Ginter autographs - especially the framed variety so I'm still happy to pull this one.  

Overall, a perfectly acceptable box of Ginter if you ask me.  I'd rank this one above the first box I ripped but definitely below box #2 (the one with the rip card, that will be hard to beat I imagine).

More Ginter to come, soon I hope!


  1. Very fun write up. Happy Carding! A & G is always one of my annual favorites.

  2. Thanks for explaining the theme to the What a Steal minis. I was baffled.

  3. Apparently Blake Grice's story is that his grandfather had cancer, and wanted to meet Clayton Kershaw. He didn't make it, so the grandson fulfilled the grandfather's wish.
    https://www.cbsnews.com/colorado/news/parkers-blake-grice-meet-mlb-great-in-honor-of-his-papi/ (NO, does that make this a Dodger card?)

  4. The fajitas card is interesting. I wonder what they did with a million dollars worth of fajitas. I mean... I love them... and can eat $20 worth in a sitting, but $1M is a whole different story.


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