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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 4 Recap (The One with the Comedian Auto)

Box #4 started off with a bit of a whimper - a Javier Baez cabinet box topper.  *yawn*  Then again, if I end up chasing the full cabinet box topper set I guess I'll be happy to have that Baez...  Probably depends what the rest of my Ginter boxes produce!

Alright, now to the rest of the highlights of the box beginning with the mini inserts:

Three of my four boxes that I've ripped thus far have had six mini inserts.  I'll take that for sure seeing as how I do plan to build all of the mini insert sets this year.  From this particular set of six cards, I think the "High Cheese" card is my favorite - I mean, who doesn't love a card full of wheels of cheese?!  I also love the What a Steal! card that talks about the time a bunch of thieves dismantled and stole a 10-ton bridge in the Czech Republic (back in 2012).  

Now, the hits of the box beginning with the two relics:

Nice to get a Reds hit here, even if Castillo isn't technically a Red anymore.  I don't expect to see much Reds representation in baseball cards in 2023 - the team's been gutted of just about any ballplayer with a pulse.  Sad times for Cincinnati fans, that's for sure.

Finally, my third hit was this framed autograph of Charlie Berens.

I thought I recognized Berens but couldn't figure out why until I did a quick YouTube video search.  It turns out, I've seen a number of his "viral" videos in the past.  Definitely cool for Charlie that he got himself into this year's Allen & Ginter set, I keep thinking Topps should do a Baseball Card Bloggers insert set and put me in ;)  (are you listening Topps?!)

That does it for box #4.  Definitely a fun set to rip this year and so far I've been mostly pleased with what I've gotten.  Can't wait to start putting my 2022 Allen & Ginter set binder together!


  1. Awesome Berens auto!

  2. Those "Steal" minis are apparently rare!


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