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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 5 Recap (The One with the Full-Sized Autograph)

Box #5 of my 2022 Allen & Ginter case began with yet another cabinet card (this time it was Bryce Harper).  So far, I'm five-for-five in terms of boxes holding a cabinet card.  Maybe I'll end up completing that set after all, almost by default!

I'll mix things up this time around and start with the two relics from the box.  

This is the second Reds relic to come out of my Allen & Ginter case already!  I also love that it has a bright red swatch of cloth rather than the usual white, black, or gray.  In addition, I'd be remiss if I didn't give some love to the framed relic as well - that's my first framed relic this year and I love the red frame design (especially for a team like the Phillies...or Reds)!  I'd say this was a solid pair of relics for me.

Before I get to the third hit, let's take a quick peek at the mini inserts this time around.

As with all but the first box, I ended up with six mini inserts including my personal favorite - the Worm Burner card.  

Finally, here's what might be my first-ever full-sized autograph pull out of Allen & Ginter.  

I honestly don't recall if I've ever pulled a similar card in previous years or not.  I also can't say I know much about Gabriel Arias but if he does pan out to be good then this will probably be a pretty cool card to have in my collection.  The full-sized autos are seeded 1:893 packs according to the wrapper so they are tough pulls indeed!


  1. Yeah that framed card is sharp. I wish all of the A&G relics/autos were framed like they once were.

    1. I told myself I wouldn't allow myself to collect any more framed relics (non-Larkins, of course) until I finish off one of the two other framed relic sets that I'm still working on. I LOVE the framed relics - esp. this year with the bright red! Unfortunately, I don't much care for the full-sized relics at all, weird I know.

  2. Pretty solid box! The full sized autograph does look good.

  3. Wow. That red frame goes perfect with Thome's Phillies cap. Sweet looking card. And congratulations on pulling the rare autograph.


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