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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 6 Recap (The One That is a Hot Box Plus Another Autograph!)

It's time to look at my next box of 2022 Allen & Ginter.  My box topper was my second Mookie Betts cabinet card (boo to duplicates).  After opening the Betts, I dug into the first pack where I was immediately greeted by the shining smile of Barry Larkin - that's right - this is a hot box!

Hot boxes are a gimmick that Topps has done for awhile now with Ginter, basically instead of getting regular base cards you get shiny base card parallels in every single pack instead.  It's cool enough if you open a case but I've had years where I could only buy one or two boxes of Ginter and getting a hot box when you'd rather have the base cards for a set build can be annoying.  I'm not annoyed this time though as I'll have plenty of base cards when all is said and done...and getting the Larkin hot box parallel right away is great for my personal collection!

Moving on to the mini inserts, we found six more in this box:

A nice selection, as usual.  Topps did a great job with the insert sets this year, especially if you like food!

Now to the hits beginning with my two relics:

Pulling a Molina jersey isn't exciting to me normally, but getting one with a baby blue bit of cloth is actually pretty cool.  That said, I think the Carew was the hit of the box here!

For the third box in a row (!), I pulled an autograph:

That's the pitmaster himself, Mr. Rodney Scott.  Scott gets his own insert set dedicated to his recipe for a bbq sauce so it's kind of cool to have his autograph to add to my collection.  Also, kudos to Rodney for having a legible, nice signature!

That was definitely a fun box, even the base cards felt "fresh" again since they were all shiny and nice!  Halfway through the case!


  1. I'm craving some BBQ now. Topps should have gotten some of Mr. Scott's BBQ sauce thumbprints on cards and encapsulated them. :D


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