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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: The Final Four Packs from Box #1 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Before I rip through the final four packs of my 2022 Allen & Ginter box, I want to wish all of my blog readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have good food and good times!  

Speaking of good times, let's get to the last four packs of box #1.

Box 1:

Pack 21:
40.  Greg Maddux
92.  Ketel Marte
149.  Sammy Sosa
179.  Josiah Gray
217.  Bryan Reynolds
323.  Jim Kaat
Mini:  253.  Trey Mancini
What's Cookin'?:  WC-8.  Fresh Ground Black Pepper

My second What's Cookin'? insert of the box highlights Black Pepper.  Fitting, I suppose, for a day like Thanksgiving where I'm sure just about everyone's table will have salt and pepper on it!  I actually got a pepper mill for my birthday last week from my parents-in-law so this card is doing double duty in terms of being fitting for me personally!

Pack 22:
4.  Nolan Arenado
16.  Bryce Harper
83.  Manny Machado
101.  Steve Carlton
194.  Rad Lopez
207.  Kendall Toole
Mini No Number:  Francisco Lindor
Banner Season:  BS-7.  Ted Williams

There's my first "special" mini parallel from 2022, a no number mini of Francisco Lindor.  

The no number minis are seeded 1:146 packs this year so they are quite rare!

Pack 23:
3.  Ernie Banks
134.  Brandon Lowe
180.  Will Smith
250.  Hunter Greene
268.  C.J. Cron
314.  Jason Varitek
Mini:  186.  Alex Verdugo
Famous Rivals:  FR-2.  New Jersey & Everyone

Okay, that Famous Rivals card is downright hilarious...the state of New Jersey against literally everyone else.  As a Pennsylvania resident, I can respect that card (though I live in the northern part of PA so there isn't a lot of Jersey hate or rivalry up near me).  Nonetheless, it's a great card and is proof that Topps does have a sense of humor sometimes!

Pack 24:
28.  Whit Merrifield
150.  Chipper Jones
188.  Ron Santo
206.  Benny Horowitz
Mini:  Bearing Fruit:  BF-1.  Lucuma
Banner Season:  BS-42.  Willie Stargell
Full-Sized relic:  AGRA-PG.  Paul Goldschmidt

Finally found my second hit of the box and it literally was in the final pack I opened.  I definitely got robbed of that third hit though and it's a bummer because the two hits I found were each full-sized relics...it's that third hit where you have the chance of getting something cooler (framed relics/autos, rip cards, etc.).   I'm hoping this box was an unfortunate anamoly and not a harbinger of what's to come with the other boxes that I bought!  

That being said, in terms of the cards I did get I'm happy with box #1.  The base set design is strong and I've enjoyed much of the checklist so far.  I definitely like the majority of the insert sets as well (and I do plan on completing the full base set plus all of the insert sets, full-sized and mini-sized, so keep me in mind if you have any for trade)!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! ... I was looking forward to seeing a card of one of the '70s guys but I guess you didn't pull one this round (unless Kaat counts). Bummer on the lack of a third hit, but I guess you have more to open!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Plenty more Ginter to come though I won't be doing it at quite as slow of a pace moving forward!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Chris!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy thanksgiving Chris. I'm sure you know that those What's Cooking cards are the ingredients to a recipe and what they go into is on card 11.

  6. OK, my state vs. everyone is pretty funny. OTOH, the prospect of pulling two cards of PELETON INSTRUCTORS in one 8-card pack is a strong reason why I'm not going to buy packs of A&G.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Chris and to everyone here. Hope you spent it with people you care about and enjoy being with.

  7. Nice to see Santo on the checklist, but my favorite card from these packs was actually the fresh ground black pepper insert. Exactly why I enjoy A&G.


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