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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 10 Recap (The One with the Framed Pedro)

I'm down to the final three boxes in my 2022 Topps Allen & Ginter case break.  After not buying a single box (or even pack) of 2022 baseball card product for myself, I definitely went a bit overboard with Ginter!  That all said, it's been a pretty fun rip thus far and I'm hoping the fun isn't quite done yet.

Box #10 begins with a Juan Soto cabinet card, my second such card in the case (I also got one in box #3).  This marks my third duplicate cabinet card in the case - definitely not cool considering how many different box topper options there are this year.

This time around, let's begin with the relics.  My box had three relics with the highlight for me being this framed relic of Pedro Martinez:

I do love the look of the framed relics a lot!  It's too bad the framed relics are semi-rare (seeded 1:65 packs or roughly 4.4 framed relics per case.  I've now found three framed relics in my case putting me slightly behind pace with only two boxes remaining.  

Box #10 also produced two of the more common full-sized relics.  

At least here both relics were more interesting to look at given both had pinstripes.  I can't complain about getting a Robin Yount relic!

Finally, we'll end with my six minis:

I still have a LONG ways to go on the various mini sets so if you have any available for trade let me know!  

Only two more boxes remain - come back soon for more 2022 Ginter!


  1. Oof, that's the best they could do for the cycle illustration? ... Those retro minis really show how much nicer A&G was back in 06-08.

    1. I agree on a card-by-card basis but as a whole the insert set is kind of funny in that it's all these random objects that actually mean something to baseball fans. It's a set that works better by the full binder page, I think. (I could be wrong, I'll let you know when/if I ever actually complete the darn thing).

  2. That Pedro is sweet! Congrats.


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