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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 11 Recap (The One in Which I Run Out of Things to Say)

Box #11 begins with yet another cabinet card, though at least it's one I haven't gotten yet in Clayton Kershaw.  There are 15 cabinet box loader cards in total so I'll be about halfway done with that set once this case is completed.  I'm leaning towards not collecting the set though so I guess I'll have a bunch of oversized trade bait!

Now, to the meat of box #11.  Actually, there was virtually no meat in this box.  We found our three promised relics and that's it.  All three relics were of the common variety and none of the three are of particular interest to me...

Definitely a disappointing dud of a box.  They can't all be great but even the minis failed me here as I only found five mini inserts.

Yep, the less said about this box, the better.  Only one box remains to be ripped...could it hold something amazing or will we end on a whimper?  We'll find out soon enough I guess.


  1. I'd be happy with a Teo relic. Sad he's a Mariner now

  2. Tried soursop for the first time last summer. Is good!

  3. Soursop looks like guava. I'd love to find some and try it.


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