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2022 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 9 Recap (The One with the Dual Rip Card!)

Before we get to the contents of today's box, I invite you to check out my 2nd Annual End-of-Year Awards voting that I posted last night (see here).  Plenty of fun categories to vote for - so please cast your ballot!  

Now, to the contents of box #9:

Another day, another box of Ginter!  As with most other boxes, this one also began with a cabinet box topper.  The good news here was that I pulled a new one this time - none other than Mr. Mike Trout.  Good to have that one in hand if I decide to try and build the full cabinet set (I'm still undecided on that as of the time of me writing this post).

Moving to the packs, here are some of the highlights from the 9th box of the case.  

We'll start with my six mini inserts including a Cincinnati Red!

Reading the back of the On Deck card, I had no idea that the phrase originated after World War II thanks to pilots preparing to board their planes on the main area of the ship.  The phrase "in the hold" also came from the aircraft carriers which evolved into "in the hole" in baseball.  The more you know, right?!

Moving on to the relics...

Here, we have a second Yelich relic sighting (different card though, the other relic I pulled of his was a framed relic) as well as a Dodger relic.

The rest of the stuff in the box was fine but the real hit of the box (and the case) is this Dual Rip card of Yogi Berra and Thurman Munson.

I've never pulled a dual rip card before (no surprise really since they are seeded 1:1329 packs)!  This particular card is #12/25.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it quite yet - whether I rip it or sell it is the main question.  

This was a fun box to open thanks to that Dual Rip card!  Only three more boxes to go, could I possibly pull anything better than what I found here?  

*Editor's note:  For those wondering, I am typing these posts as I open the boxes so I have no insights yet as to what I might find in the remaining three boxes.  That said, by the time you read this post I should have the full case ripped and sorted if all goes well!*


  1. I didn't even know dual rip cards were a thing. Rip rip rip! Although you could probably make a lot of the cost off this case rip back by selling it.

  2. Oh wow, congrats on that Berra/Munson "Christmas" card! That would generate a lot of interest for sure, if you decided to trade or sell it. I'm anxious to see if you score a better hit out of this case.

  3. I'd sell that without a thought. Yankees collectors are bananas.

  4. There's an unwritten law that if a cardblogger pulls a card numbered 12/25, they must send it to me for my Christmas Card Collection. LOL

    No but seriously, nice pull!


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