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It's Time! VOTE NOW for the 2nd Annual Nachos Grande End-of-Year Awards (2022 Edition)!

Thanks to a timely reminder on last year's post, I'm back with the 2nd Annual Nachos Grande End-of-Year Awards voting!  

This year, I'm keeping everything super happy - you get to vote on the best of the best only!  Categories include:

For baseball cards:
  • Best Topps set
  • Best Bowman set
  • Best Panini set
  • Best Insert/Parallel set of the year
  • Baseball card of the year
For blogging:
  • Favorite blogs to read
  • Funniest/most entertaining blog
  • Favorite blog series
  • Favorite "under the radar" blog
  • Best blog post of the year
  • Blog of the year
I hope that all of these awards will make for a fun celebration at the end of the year!  I plan to keep the ballot open for about two weeks so feel free to advertise (and even self-promote if you wish) the awards!  To cast your ballot, go here.  


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