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TCDB Monday: A Light Week but Still a Success

TCDB Monday: Trades are Rolling In Again! (JustinBobo77, Jgamble, and Darthtron22)

Another Monday, but this one feels different to me since it's the last Monday of the regular semester for me at work!  The holiday season (and corresponding break from work) is so close I can almost taste it...well, I guess I can taste it if I go to the kitchen and grab a cookie or two.

Anyhow, you aren't here to read about my musings on food, you want to see baseball cards - and I won't disappoint you!  Today, I'm pleased to report that last week was a good week on the trade front over on TCDB.  I ended up receiving three packages in the mail with several other trades currently in transit.  

We'll begin the tour of the week's mailbag with a trade with user JustinBobo77:

I've been actively trying to track down all of the 2022 Allen & Ginter minis that I'm still missing - and whether it is a trade for only one such mini or multiple minis, I put out plenty of offers on TCDB!  JustinBobo77 was one of the first to reply back and mail out!  As for the card itself, it's one of the 32 Inside the Park inserts which all celebrate different National Parks in the United States.  I've been to several of the parks in the set but not Yosemite.  The picture on the card sure looks pretty - definitely a park that I ought to make the effort to visit sometime in my life!

Next up, a trade with user Jgamble:

This was another swap in which I was able to score a single 2022 A&G mini card.  However, this time around it was a mini from the 2006 A&G Rookie Design set.  I'm not sure that I love the idea of Topps reusing it's A&G designs from not-that-long ago but I guess I shouldn't be surprised...Topps sure does love tooting their own horn whenever possible.  On the bright side, the '06 design is certainly nice so this particular insert set looks great if nothing else!

Finally, my third completed trade of the week was with user Darthtron22:

Yep, I may be in full-on Ginter mode right now but I still try to keep an eye out for any Barry Larkin cards that I still need.  This is a 1998 Topps card from the Inaugural Devil Rays set.  I'm guessing that this set was available in Tampa Bay but I haven't actually done any research on the set quite yet (that will happen whenever I get around to properly featuring the card as part of my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection series of posts).  There's also an Inaugural Diamondbacks card of Barry's from 1998 Topps that I don't yet own, so if you have one of those for trade let me know!

So there you have it - three trades netting me two minis and a new Barry Larkin card.  I'll take that!  Have a good week everyone (and don't forget to vote for this year's 2nd Annual Nachos Grande End-of-the-Year Awards).


  1. Nice Larkin pick-up, but disappointing from Topps. With the Inaugural sets (Marlins and Rockies before this was well) they usually did a good job pf putting the stamp off to the side, off the player itself. Now it looks like Barry has to hurdle the stamp to get to first.

  2. I bet you have a lot of TCDB trade bait after your case rip!


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