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The 30 MLB Teams as Christmas Items: AL EAST Edition

Before I get to today's post, I'd like to invite all of my readers to join my brand new baseball card-centric Discord server (join here).  I'm going to transition a lot of my group breaks over to Discord so that people don't have to use Facebook anymore.  I'm also planning to host giveaways and contests over on Discord - ideally I'd like to make it a wonderful community for bloggers and baseball card fans everywhere!  Currently, I'm taking sign-ups for a two box break of 2022 Stadium Club (check out my Discord server for more information on that - the break is nearly full but there's still a couple of teams remaining to be claimed).  

Now, on to today's post:

I'm gearing up for my annual 12 Days of Christmas - a tradition I started last year and since I'm planning on doing it again this year I can call it "annual," right?!  Anyhow, as my mind has been in the Christmas mode for a bit now let's start the season of joy a little bit early by describing all 30 MLB teams as Christmas items.  

Like ESPN, I'm going to focus on the AL East first and foremost - so buckle up and enjoy my picks for what Christmas item best describes each team in the AL East.  Of course, I'd love to hear your picks for any of the teams as well!  

AL East:  

Bells - Boston Red Sox

Loud, bold, brash...but ultimately much more bluster than bite, the Red Sox are the ringing bells of MLB.  Oh yes, they'll make the presence known wherever they are but in the end it's usually easy enough to ignore them.

Gingerbread man - Baltimore Orioles

Who better to be represented by a man who's literally designed to feed others than the perpetual AL East farm team, the Orioles.  After all, it's the Orioles that the other teams in their division get to feast on all season long for those delicious W's...and usually around late July it's almost every other team in MLB that comes to the feast the is the Orioles looking for their own Gingerbread man player to pry away and feast on.  

Snowflakes - Tampa Bay Rays

They say that no two snowflakes are the same and I say that same thing can be said for Rays teams.  In fact, much like snowflakes - if you get a bunch of them together they become indistinguishable, the Rays have the same characteristic.  Year after year, you can expect the Rays to play extremely smart baseball and have plenty of players who can field multiple positions.  The names of the players each year change but the overall look of the team remains remarkably consistent...much like a snow covered field each winter.  The individual snowflakes may change but the end result looks remarkably the same.

Tinsel - New York Yankees

Tinsel may have been the rage many years ago but now it's mostly seen as over-the-top gaudy and generally undesirable.  For all the supposed sparkle and shine, the reality is that tinsel has no lights...and without lights, it's nothing more than fancy tin foil.

Wrapped gifts - Toronto Blue Jays

It must be great to be a Blue Jays fan because it sure seems like they constantly have some new, shiny gift to unwrap and add to their team.  Whether it's yet another young stud hitter brought up from the minors or perhaps a star free agent signing, the Blue Jays have no shortage of gifts under the tree.  Unfortunately, like many Christmas gifts - the one thing that Blue Jays fans really want (a Championship) never quite seems to be underneath the tree.

That does it for the AL East.  I plan to do similar posts for the other five divisions - but it'll keep getting harder and harder since I don't want to repeat any of the Christmas items!  Let me know what you think of my choices here!


  1. First of all, thank you to not automatically defaulting Boston to a Christmas stocking (too easy). After losing Bogaerts last night, I'm inclined to say the Red Sox should be a new pair of dress shoes. People will look at them, say they look good and that you needed a new pair, but ultimately, it's not what you were hoping for...

    1. Yeah, the stocking comparison was too "on-the-nose" plus I think I have a better team in mind for the Stocking idea!

  2. I guess maybe I should try to find out what Discord is. I've heard of it, but have no idea what it does.

    1. It's basically a glorified chat room with a bunch of other capabilities, special channels, etc. I think it's a great place to share baseball cards (stories, photos, etc. without the drawbacks of sites like Facebook or even blogs - i.e. it's more private, etc.).

  3. Bru recently invited me to join Discord. I've never been on it, but I know it's big with my students. Maybe one of these days I'll sign up, but right now I'll just be that "old guy" who avoids new tech :D


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