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The 30 MLB Teams as Christmas Items: AL CENTRAL Edition

I mentioned this yesterday but it's worth mentioning a few more times:  I'd like to invite all of my readers to join my brand new baseball card-centric Discord server (join here).  I'm going to transition a lot of my group breaks over to Discord so that people don't have to use Facebook anymore.  I'm also planning to host giveaways and contests over on Discord - ideally I'd like to make it a wonderful community for bloggers and baseball card fans everywhere!  

Now, on to today's regularly scheduled post!

Yesterday, I gave my picks for what Christmas items best described the teams in the American League East division.  Today, we continue our holiday romp through MLB with the American League Central.

Candy Cane - Chicago White Sox

The White Sox had their hopes of MLB success lately twisted around a few young stars.  Unfortunately, with the loss of Abreu to the Astros, it appears that the candy cane that is the White Sox might officially be licked.  

Christmas cards - Detroit Tigers

Like the Tigers in MLB, Christmas cards used to be one of the biggest things about the holiday.  Unfortunately for both the Tigers and Christmas card manufacturers, time hasn't been particularly kind to either and now both are considered fairly out-of-date.  Still, it does feel good to get an actual, physical Christmas card today - and I think it'd feel good to have the Tigers have an actual good, winning season!

Holiday Ham - Cleveland Guardians

Like a prized hog, the Guardians have spent the better part of the past several years getting fat on chaff that is the rest of the AL Central.  Will the Guardians continue to rule atop the division moving forward or is their bacon about to be cooked?

Holly - Kansas City Royals

Like holly, the Royals are simply there.  I mean, when you think of the Kansas City Royals you do think of baseball, much like holly makes you think of Christmas.  But if you give it a little more thought, there's not a whole lot of reason why either of those things make you think of their respective categories.  You've heard of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" before, I think the Royals (and holly) both fit that bill fairly well.

Hot Chocolate - Minnesota Twins

The Twins are like a nice mug of hot chocolate.  Even if you don't care for the drink, it's a perfectly acceptable thing when it's cold out and there's little else to see or do.  You know, kind of like being in Minnesota.

And with that, you've got my picks for the Christmas items that best represent the MLB teams from the American League Central division.  I plan to continue this series through the remaining divisions - and picking unique items for each team.  Any guesses for what your favorite team will be represented by?!


  1. Wait a second...plenty to do in MN during the winter. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, and Polar Plunges. Plus we have a really big mall.

  2. Very creative. Can't wait to see what you have for the A's. Coal?


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