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Barry Larkin Collection 934: 1991 More Little Big Leaguers

Barry Larkin
Year:  1991
Brand:  More Little Big Leaguers
Card number:  none

The 1991 More Little Big Leaguers set consisted of a total of 45 Major Leaguers with each card showing the featured player in his younger playing days (i.e. when the player was a kid).  I particularly like this Larkin card because it shares a story about Larkin that I had never heard before - who knew that Barry could be so stubborn?  (I kid, people who listen to Larkin announce often remark on how stubborn he is about certain things...still, it's a fun story on his card back.)  In the end, this is the "good" kind of oddball if you ask me, unique - and with a story to tell.  I'll even overlook the incredibly blurry photo and the perforated edges on the card.


  1. I've seen the McGwire from this set. For some reason I thought it was a broder or some unlicensed card. Cool that it's actually part of a set.


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