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Not-So-Secret Santa Return #4: Padrographs

It's time to take a look at another haul from last year's Not-So-Secret Santa program.  Today's gift is from Rod over at Padrographs.

Rod ended up sending me two different packages - an incredibly generous gift overall, that's for certain!  In fact, Rod's gift ended up being not only generous for me but also for my son.  

Rod is a huge book reader so it was no surprise that he had a book to send me, but what was a surprise is that he ended up sending three books along that were for my son to enjoy.  

The Book-o-Beards is particularly fun because you can hold the book up under your chin and it looks like you have a beard of a particular type of person/worker.  

The Book-o-Hats is similar except you can put the book on your head to make it appear as if you are wearing a particular hat.  I love the illustrations in both of those books!  

That wasn't it for books as Rod also included a book for me to read.  

I had sent Rod a novel as part of his gift so this ended up being a fun book exchange of sorts for both of us (though I clearly made out better given the quantity and quality of books received).  I've never read We are the Ship but seeing as how it's a baseball book (and isn't terribly long), I'll definitely give it a read sooner than later.  In fact, I think this book probably moves to the top of my reading queue!

Next, Rod still wasn't done thinking about my son - he sent along this 1,000 piece LEGO minifigure puzzle that my son and I will definitely work on soon.  In fact, hopefully by the time this post goes live I'll have started working on the puzzle with my son!  

I'm going to guess that the puzzle will be pretty darn hard but I find puzzles to be oddly relaxing so I'm eager to give it a go (and my son loves puzzles, and LEGO, so this should be a fun project for both of us).

Now, all of that above stuff was already way more than what Rod should have sent back to me (my gift to him was nowhere near that level of goodness I'm afraid) but he still wasn't done.  Rod also included a few smaller items that filled out the various packages he sent my way.

The Pinnacle Inside can is unopened though it probably wont' remain that way for too long, there's a real good chance I end up using at as part of a future group break - especially because I believe there's at least one Barry Larkin card in the Pinnacle Inside set that I still need!  The card bags are always useful with all my group breaks and those two LEGO minifigure packs will be opened soon!  The LEGO Batman keychain was a fun surprise as well - believe it or not, that's my first minifigure keychain ever!

Finally, one last item and it's pretty cool even if I don't know exactly what it is:

That's a Mexico flag pennant from what appears to be Nebo Cigarettes.  From what I can find online, this is an old silk design that was included in Nebo Cigarettes, though I don't know the exact year they were issued.  I do know that I enjoy vintage flag related things so this little silk flag is right up my alley.

Many, many, many thanks to Rod for an awesome pair of Not-So-Secret Santa gifts.  Rod definitely out-Santa'd me this past year, that's for sure!  


  1. Neat stuff. That Mexico flag is really cool

  2. Great variety. That minifigure puzzle and the Gwynn can stand out. Hope you can pull the Larkin you need.

  3. Those are some impressive goodies for sure!

  4. This is definitely a "Rod" package! Even so, it was especially nice of him to include so many items for your son.


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